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All Of Us Are Dead: Fans Are Convinced Cheong San Is Still Alive

All Of Us Are Dead: Fans Are Convinced Cheong San Is Still Alive

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This article contains spoilers for All of Us Are Dead

All of Us Are Dead dropped on Netflix last month, and fans have bingeing the show ever since.

The series is an eight-part coming-of-age horror story based on webtoon Now At Our School, and is set at a high school that becomes ground zero for a zombie virus outbreak.

Some of the students end up trapped in the school and must fight their way out, or risk turning into a one of the zombies themselves.

And after watching the series in full, some fans are convinced that one major character, Cheong-san, who dies in the series, is actually still alive and could be making a comeback in a potential season two.

But why do people think he's still alive? Well, viewers don't actually see Cheong-san die. When he's bitten by a former classmate, he sacrifices himself by luring a pack of zombies away from his friends. They escape, and afterwards, Cheong-san can be seen lying among the other dead bodies.

Writing on Twitter, one person said: "I'm trusting all these tiktok theories, I know cheong san is still alive. Hot bitches don't die!!!"

While another added: "Cheong san's alive. He used Gwi-nam's body as shield when they were eaten by the fire. When Nam ra said that 'they're back' I think, he was one of them. Yeah, just like Nam ra, Cheong san is also half human and half zombie so he managed to survive."

Viewers think Cheong-san is still alive (

A third said: "What if Cheong San is alive and he and Namra are teaming up to eliminate the rest of the zombies I love these two characters... All of us are dead Season 2 please come soon and give us a good story to watch."

Another presented a very convincing theory, explaining: "Okay so if u have watched a few kdramas u know that unless u have seen the dead body, the character is 98% likely to be alive.

"I think we all waited for cheongsan to show up in the last ep right. literally thought he would be on the roof. so now, we have to accept he is dead.

Could Cheong-san still be alive? (

"UNLESS there’s a season 2. look, after the explosion we saw two hands and onjo’s name tag. So we have to assume it’s cheongsan, but let’s not forget this is a kdrama. A pigeon could have come in during the explosion, taken the tag and left it at someone else’s dead body (lol).

"I’m 100% that if there’s a season 2, cheongsan will be alive and a hambie. If there’s no season 2 cheongsan is dead. why? because we never fully saw him die."

Hmmmm, we're pretty much convinced!

While Netflix hasn't (yet) renewed the show for a second season, we've got everything crossed. In the meantime, you can watch season one of All of Us Are Dead on Netflix now.

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