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Married At First Sight's Matt ‘having secret romance with bride from last series'

Married At First Sight's Matt ‘having secret romance with bride from last series'

Matt from Married At First Sight is said to be getting close to one of the brides from the last series

One of the stars from the latest series of Married At First Sight UK is rumoured to be getting closer to someone from the last series.

If you've been keeping up with Married At First Sight, or MAFS if you really like acronyms, you'll know about the 'wild' wife swap drama surrounding Matt, Gemma, Whitney and Duka.

It all really kicked off after Matt and Whitney both independently said if there was anyone else among the couples they'd have liked to end up with it'd probably be each other.

There's just the small hitch that Matt and Whitney hadn't tied the knot with each other, they were married to Gemma and Duka.

The switch up was so serious that Married At First Sight expert Paul C Brunson revealed filming for the show was put on hold while they figured out what to do next.

Brunson also hit back at the claims from some fans that the matchmakers had got it wrong this year,

In the end, Matt didn't end up with either Gemma or Whitney and in the reunion episode he apologised for his 'unacceptable' behaviour.

However, The Sun reports that Matt could be having a 'secret romance' with one of the brides from the previous series of the show.

Marilyse and Matt are heading off on holiday at the same time.

They report that Married At First Sight insiders are saying Matt has got together with Marilyse Corrigan, who appeared on last year's show.

Both separately posted pictures to Instagram letting their followers know they were about to jet off on holiday and The Sun says a source has told them that Matt is 'growing close' to Marilyse.

She was on the 2021 version of the show and married ex-military man Franky Spencer, though it ultimately didn't work out between the two.

A representative for Matt and Marilyse has quashed the rumours of romance and said that she was just being a 'supportive friend' with 'no romance' between the pair.

They said: "Marilyse has gone to recover from a marathon which she ran for Kidney Research recently and she's celebrating with her son that it's a year since donating her kidney to save his dad's life.

"Matt has gone to recover from the trauma of the show, as you'll have seen last night it's taken a toll on his emotional wellbeing."

"Marilyse knows oh too well how the public reaction can impact the mental health of the men on the show as she saw how it impacted Frankie. So she's being nothing more than a supportive friend to him whilst other friends from the show are filming the Christmas reunion."

Matt reveals his secret crush on Whitney.

Another marriage from the latest series of the show also looks to have fallen apart as Thomas Hartley said he was no longer in touch with husband Adrian Sanderson.

While they made it further than other couples, they eventually decided they just weren't a good match.

And while the show doesn't always get it right when it comes to couples, their formula is sometimes absolutely spot on.

Adam and Tayah, who appeared on last year's series of Married At First Sight, recently welcomed into the world baby Beau Emily.

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