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How Old Is Married At First Sight UK's Marilyse Corrigan?

How Old Is Married At First Sight UK's Marilyse Corrigan?

Marilyse is a mum to two teenage boys and three dogs and fans want to know if she was a young mum.

The couples of Married at First Sight UK have had a taste of reality with the home stays this week. Marilyse is the only contestant this year with kids to add into the mix, which leads fans to wondering how old she is.

Marilyse is paired up with ex-military man and 007 look-alike Franky Spencer, who currently lives in Dubai. 

Marilyse told Franky from the get-go that she comes as part of a package deal with two teenage sons (and three dogs) and has been worried about whether it’s something her new hubby wants to take on. But if he did want to bail at that point, the marriages aren’t legalised on the UK version of MAFS.

During the homestay at Marilyse’s swanky pad, Franky said he would be willing to make the move to the UK to be with her. He added that he knows he’s not her sons’ biological father, but he hopes he can have even a small impact on them as he confirmed to Marilyse that he’s in it for the long-haul. 

Who is Marilyse Corrigan from MAFS UK?

Marilyse is a personal trainer from Beverley, East Yorkshire. She has two sons with her ex--husband and, dedicating her time to her sons, she hasn’t had much luck with relationships over the last few years. 

She told experts on the reality TV show that partners in the past haven’t opened up to her and that she’s working on getting Franky to be more forthcoming with his emotions. 

How old is Marilyse from MAFS?

Marilyse was 36-years-old at the time of appearing on MAFS UK

She has two teenage boys meaning she would have had her youngest at age 23 at the latest (that’s if her youngest is 13-years-old). But, she said, “in my head I’m still 19,” promising to keep whoever she’s married to “young at heart” too.

How old is Franky?

Leeds-born Franky was 47-years-old at the time of appearing on MAFS UK.

Like Marilyse, Franky is a divorcee and had been single for five years before coming on MAFS UK and letting the experts work their magic.

“What I look for in a partner is somebody who is grounded, who is educated, who is classy and takes care of themselves,” Franky said before appearing on the show. He’s definitely found that in Marilyse, but fans have had their doubts about Franky’s comments to Marilyse at times.

Fans hold high hopes for Dan and Matt, the show’s first gay couple - and there have been hints that Tayah and Adam could make it onto the list of MAFS couples who stay together

Only time will tell.

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