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Married At First Sight’s Thomas and Adrian no longer speaking after the show

Married At First Sight’s Thomas and Adrian no longer speaking after the show

The couple decided to go their separate ways

After meeting at the alter with high hopes of finding their perfect match, Married At First Sight's Thomas Hartley has revealed he and his TV husband, Adrian Sanderson, are no longer in touch.

The couple made it all the way to the final episodes of this year's series of MAFS, but last week it was revealed that they decided to go their separate ways during one of the final dinner parties of the series.

Thomas and Adrian agreed that they just weren't a good match, with their lack of sexual intimacy becoming a growing problem in the relationship.

They initially appeared to remain friends, with posts on their Instagram account including photos of one another even after they went their separate ways, but there has evidently been some development since then.

This week, mental health care assistant Thomas took to Instagram to offer fans the opportunity to ask him some questions - many of which were, naturally, about the show and his relationship with Adrian, who works as a digital designer.

One of the questions asked was whether the MAFS reunion was 'torture' after Thomas and Adrian split up, to which Thomas replied to say that while 'torture' might be a bit of a strong description, things did 'kick off' at the reunion.

Thomas revealed he and Adrian haven't been in touch after the reunion.

The star was also asked whether Adrian had been in touch following the events of the reunion, to which Thomas simply replied: "No."

One eagle-eyed fan noticed that the former couple don't follow each other on Instagram, leading them to question: "Are you and Adrian still friends? You don't follow each other [sad face]."

If you ask me, the first word of Thomas' response says it all as he wrote: "Erm."

While pulling an awkward-looking face, Thomas added: "I'll always have love for him, we just don't communicate well."

Thomas said he and Adrian 'don't communicate well'.

Speaking to The Mirror following their split, Adrian confirmed the breakup 'needed to happen', adding: "We came from such a bad place, we moved mountains and I was so proud of that and it was so such an emotional moment because we [had] become such a strong bond.

"But, it was coming to an end. And we knew that it needed to come to an end, both of us knew that."

Adrian admitted it took him 'months' to get used to Thomas not being around, and explained that while they're both 'very different' in their own ways, he will 'always have a spot for him'.

Tyla has reached out to Adrian for comment.

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