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Married At First Sight UK: Cracks Show For Josh And Amy As He Complains Her Cuddling 'Disturbed' Him On Honeymoon

Married At First Sight UK: Cracks Show For Josh And Amy As He Complains Her Cuddling 'Disturbed' Him On Honeymoon

A spoiler for Tuesday night's show proves the honeymoon may not be as romantic as one couple had hoped.

Married At First Sight UK looks set to be rather uncomfortable viewing tonight, as one couple's honeymoon wasn't quite the love-fest you'd expect.

Josh and Amy jet off to Mexico tonight to enjoy some sun, as the newly-weds embark on the next chapter of the E4 dating show.

But it doesn't look like Josh is too enamoured with poor Amy just yet, with an upcoming argument revealing he made a pillow barricade in the night to stop her cuddling him.


Watch a teaser below:

"How did you sleep last night?," Josh asks, in a spoiler clip for tonight's ep. "Did you sleep?"

"Well I passed out early with my makeup on so I woke up at three [am] and was like, 'I need to go and take my makeup off," Amy replies.

"I got back into bed and there was a massive pillow down the middle and I was like 'has he just made a pillow fort?' Like?"

Josh told Amy she was disturbing him in the night (

"I don't know what happened and next thing you know this pillow was right covering my face," he attempts to explain, suggesting that Amy purposely tried to wake him up so they could cuddle.

"Like, it was literally over my face at three in the morning."

"I didn't do it on purpose," she responds.

"But let's be real, you did," he says. "You done it to try and wake me up (sic)".

"I didn't!" she exclaims.

A confessional then sees Josh theorise: "In the middle of the night, Amy came up behind me and like cuddled up... yet again, she disturbed me.

"I think she just gets really lonely and she just gets really needy".

The couple didn't seem to be getting on (

"Do you always have to have me awake? If you need a hug in the middle of the night why don't you just say that?" he asks her.

But then things turn from frosty to frozen.

"All you do is moan, you're so negative," she says, admitting later that she feels "drained" in his company.

"It's such a little issue, but its recurring, that's why it's annoying me," he protests.


Married At First Sight UK continues Mondays to Thursdays at 9pm on E4.

Featured Image Credit: E4

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