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Netflix viewers binge-watching second season of drama series after being hooked on the first

Netflix viewers binge-watching second season of drama series after being hooked on the first

Despite season two dropping earlier this month, fans are already begging for more

When it comes to Netflix serving us binge-worthy series to obsess over, we’re perpetually in luck.

While we are guilty of loving a gripping edge-of-our-seat thriller (Baby Reindeer is still living rent-free in our minds), sometimes something with a little less tension that just promises enjoyable viewing is what we’re really after.

This is where one of Netflix’s unsung heroes comes in as fans are begging for yet another season already - despite season two airing earlier this month on April 11.

The show's second season has been airing this month. (Netflix)
The show's second season has been airing this month. (Netflix)

The Australian comedy drama series that has everybody talking is in fact a reboot of a 1994 series of the same name.

Heartbreak High premiered on Netflix back in 2022, and ever since the trailer dropped, it was obvious that viewers were on to something special.

Boasting an ensemble cast that includes Ayesha Madon, Thomas Weatherall, James Majoos, Chloé Hayden and Asher Yasbincek, the popular show follows the trials and tribulations of students and teachers at fictional Hartley High has gained huge critical acclaim.

It has gained an impressive 75 percent critics score on Rotten Tomatoes, and 90 percent audience score on the same website. You can check out the trailer here:

Heartbreak High is that when the sexual activity of Hartley High’s students is leaked via a map graffitied on a school wall, the named students whose names were mentioned are given no other choice but to attend a sexual education course - the Sexual Literacy Tutorial, nicknamed ‘sl*ts’ by fellow students.

The characters also face issues of identity, romance woes and teen angst.

The show has also been praised for its depiction of LGBTQ+ issues and representation of autism.

And viewers have been loving it - and despite series two already airing this year, fans are now begging for a third season.

Viewers are begging for another season. (Netflix)
Viewers are begging for another season. (Netflix)

One person enthused on X: “The first tv show where I have felt so seen on screen as an autistic person by such a beautiful character. She was written and acted so beautifully #HeartbreakHigh.”

While another took to the social platform to ask: “​​Sooo when are they getting their s3 renewal because s2 was exceptional.”

Another said: “i need season 3 of heartbreak high or i will do unexplainable things.”

A third chimed: “yall the writers for s2 of heartbreak high know how to write some f*****ng good ass tension.”

Over on the Netflix Banger's Facebook group, the hype was also very present as one viewer wrote: "Why is no one talking about heartbreak high season 2."

In response, another said: "Just finished binge watching the season. I enjoyed it."

While a third said: "I need season 3 already!!"

We’ll be waiting with our fingers crossed!

Featured Image Credit: Netflix

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