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Richard Armitage gives update on second series of bingeworthy new ITV thriller that fans can’t get enough of

Richard Armitage gives update on second series of bingeworthy new ITV thriller that fans can’t get enough of

The crime drama has left telly-lovers hooked

Apparently, fans of brand new, hotly-discussed thriller could have some very exciting news on the way.

Despite the series only having landed on ITV last week, the huge-name, action-packed drama has left viewers hanging off their edge of their seats.

And by the sounds of things - though the ongoing instalment hasn't yet reached its dramatic conclusion, with fans still wondering if Nolan did commit murder - there could already be a follow-up series on the horizon...

The show has left viewers mind blown. (ITV)
The show has left viewers mind blown. (ITV)

For those haven't yet had the chance to sink their teeth into this high-drama hit Red Eye yet, allow me to give you glimpse at what's in store.

The series tells the tale of Matthew Nolan - played by actor Richard Armitage - a British doctor who has been accused of murdering a woman whilst on a business trip to Hong Kong.

As a result, he is being sent back on the last flight of the day - after having just landed in London.

Hence the title, Red Eye, with it being a term used to describe overnight flights.

Keeping an eye on him is DC Hana Li (played by Jing Lusi), even though she wants nothing to do with him.

But, of course, the plot begins to thicken and the pair are forced to work together.

Ever since it landed on our TV screens last week, viewers of Red Eye have been absolutely HOOKED, with many fans already begging producers for a second series.

"I didn’t sleep until two o’clock in the morning, but I watched until the most magnificent ending. Intense, exciting and captivating," one gushed on social media.

Another went on: "This #redeye is amazing. Obv I’ve gone straight to itvx to binge watch the whole series. Who needs sleep anyway?"

And apparently, viewers' prayers could be answered, after lead actor Armitage today gave an update on a potential follow-up instalment.

Speaking to Metro, the 52-year-old TV star - famed for his appearance in the likes of Fool Me Once and The Stranger - admitted: "I think there’s a strong desire to come back and do a second season."

Without giving too much away, he went on: "We’d all like to discover more about these characters and to throw up another crazy scenario to see how they’d come.

"I’d like to see Nolan more on the front foot. I’d like to see him more activated and dynamic because I’m like, ‘Who are you really?’".

This new ITV drama has viewers hooked (ITV)
This new ITV drama has viewers hooked (ITV)

It isn't just main man Armitage that would be over the moon to see a Red Eye reboot somewhere down the line, however.

His co-star, Jing Lusi, also confessed she'd be keen to make a return.

"For me, I always think, story first. I think, if there is a story to be told, I would absolutely love to do it. Behind a story, I'm like, 'Why? Why are we telling this?'" she explained to Radio Times.

Adding that 'character is everything', Lusi continued: "If that's not there, and there isn't a story worth telling and a journey worth taking the character or the audience on, let's not do it. Let's just keep it amazing for what it was.

"So I'm very open to it. I think there is definitely more story to tell, but it has to be the right story."

Exciting times!

Featured Image Credit: Sony/ITV

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