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Married At First Sight UK star Porscha claims Terence cheated on her with 'multiple women'

Married At First Sight UK star Porscha claims Terence cheated on her with 'multiple women'

Porscha has hit back at the controversy surrounding the spin the bottle game by claiming she was the one who was cheated on

Married at First Sight UK star Porscha has claimed that her husband Terence Edwards cheated on her while on the show.

During the commitment ceremony in Wednesday’s episode (11 October), the game of spin the bottle came under scrutiny, with Terence making the shock decision to quit the show.

The row about the spin the bottle game first erupted in Tuesday’s show and although the DJ accused the mum-of-one of cheating when she kissed various grooms in the game, Porscha has since defended herself on the podcast Reality With Will Njobvu.

Addressing the controversy, Porscha claimed: “Since the show’s been airing, I’ve had multiple women message me, saying he was in a relationship with them. I kid you not, and I’ve got the receipts. I will show you. He’s got another girlfriend now, basically he never planned to stay.”

Following her untimely departure, Porscha has deleted her X account amid backlash from viewers.

Porscha has hit back at the cheating rumours.
Channel 4

When contacted by Tyla for comment, Terence said: "I strongly refute any claim that I cheated on Porscha during the experiment."

In scenes that played out on screens this week, it was revealed that Porscha had kissed several other contestants during the game while Terence wasn’t present. The group was divided on whether Porscha’s actions should be considered cheating.

Porscha eventually came out on social media to share which husbands she kissed amid speculation.

An explosive argument happened on the show between Porscha and Georges Berthonneau over the game of spin the bottle in which Porscha allegedly kissed four other male contestants.

In the dinner party, Luke Worley opened up about what happened during the game and claimed 'it wasn't just a peck' and that Porscha kissed 'four men'.

"I'm actually jumping on this immediately,” Porscha said while addressing the ‘lies’ being told about her. “There weren't even four guys there, first of all, and the only guys that I kissed were Luke and Tom. So I don't even know what Luke was talking about at Terence."

Terence quit the show over the spin the bottle cheating rumours.

The bride went on: "It doesn't even matter anymore but you guys ain't even going to do this to me. The fact that Luke kissed Tom and kissed Paul, tongue.

"And kissed Nathanial, tongue, but he wants to tell lies to Terence. Okay.

"I'm actually mad because you guys are actually trying to do me dirty and Jay, no I wasn't kissing everyone because you were kissing, scissoring Rozz for a good 30 minutes and no one said anything," she continued. "You guys are talking about me but not one of you is talking about yourselves."

The reality TV star captioned the post: "Plus Ella kissed everyone! And Laura and Tasha sorry this ain't going to be the Porscha show. I'm done being gracious to you guys 'cause I see the game now."

In another Instagram story post, she added in overlay text: "I'm actually over this narrative because you know what, there were over 8 people there, boys tongue kissing boys.

"Laura was also without her husband did she also cheat?"

Married At First Sight UK is currently available to stream on Channel 4.

Featured Image Credit: Channel 4

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