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Married At First Sight UK Star Luke Dawson's Inspiring Message About Body Confidence

Married At First Sight UK Star Luke Dawson's Inspiring Message About Body Confidence

The TV star has opened up about the journey he took towards self acceptance before appearing on the dating show.

Married At First Sight UK honed in on its second batch of newly-weds last night, and one of the stars in the spotlight was Luke Dawson.

The Welsh firefighter, 36, touched many by speaking candidly about his journey to self confidence during Tuesday night's show, ahead of his marriage to 31-year-old veterinary nurse, Morag.

And you can see the changes he's made to his lifestyle first hand on his Instagram page, where he has shared several inspiring posts about maintaining motivation when it comes to getting in shape, and teaching himself to love his body.

In one post - which features pictures of his toned torso in comparison to snaps of his body at the start of his workout journey - Luke could be seen laying his feelings bare.

Luke shared these three images on Instagram (
Instagram/ Luke Dawson)

"My name is Luke. This is definitely not something I would usually post, but this is a short story to what is a long one for myself that I've decided to share," he wrote.

"I've had low self esteem and my confidence has been battered personally and professionally for a long time, most of my life for various reasons.

"I stayed quiet and tried to deal with it myself, rarely opening up to anyone at how much I struggled on times. I tried to focus it on looking after others,( jobs I choose to do) and often missed out on myself in the process.

"In recent months I have decided to battle back and finally move forward, I didn't realise how low my confidence/esteem had become.

Luke and Morag tied the knot during last night's show (

"I've now decided to turn it all around, physically and mentally in the hope that whoever' reads this or follows my journey over time, even if its just one person, that it may help you!"

He explained: "The first photo of me was when I was at my worst, when I almost gave up on myself. The latter photos are from 10 days in the gym and a better diet.

"I know I have a long way to go to look a lot better, gain some muscle and more definition but this is my body that I need to learn to love.

"I no longer care what people think of me, remove me if this will do your head in, but this is the start of a journey of my physical/mental transformation."

He powerfully concluded: "I feel I know who I am but am excited at who i still can become," before advising: "Remember to love yourself and talk to me or someone if you struggle.

Luke regularly posts gym selfies and talks about his journey (

"My inbox will always be open, confidential for anyone who wants to talk.

"This is not a sad story, it's a happy one."

On MAFS, beautiful (if somewhat demanding) bride Morag expressed disappointment that Luke wasn't as muscular as she would have liked.

She told the camera: "I didn't exactly get what I ordered, did I?"

Before adding: "I wanted big, athletic, hairy...but I'm willing to give it a chance."

Will she come around to the lovely Luke?

Featured Image Credit: E4

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