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Married At First Sight UK star Peggy looks unrecognisable during Take Me Out appearance

Married At First Sight UK star Peggy looks unrecognisable during Take Me Out appearance

Peggy tried to find her dream man on Paddy McGuinness' dating show before she married a stranger over a decade later

Years before Peggy Rose married a stranger in an effort to find love on Married at First Sight UK, she was a contestant on Take Me Out.

With that said, you’d have to squint really hard to be able to recognise her because she now looks totally different.

In 2012, back when London hosted the Summer Olympics and Paralympics, Taylor Swift released Red and people thought the world would end, Peggy, now 32, sought the help of Paddy McGuinness to find a partner.

Peggy was one of the women in the lineup, but even eagle-eyed viewers may find it hard to spot her.

Although we are now used to seeing her with blonde hair, at the time she had a jet black ‘do.

In case you haven’t seen it, the popular dating show - which was cancelled in 2020 - saw a single man enter the studio via the 'love lift' where Paddy was waiting with a panel of 30 girls.

The ladies were then able to get to know the single man through a series of questions, video tapes and challenges - which often revealed some *very* embarrassing details.

This is Peggy.

It saw the birth of the catchphrase, 'no likey, no lighty' after the gals were required to turn off their lights if they weren't keen.

At the end of the segment, the hopeful single is then required to choose his match, who he'll take on a whirlwind date to the Isle of Fernandos.

Peggy was able to match with Liverpool lad and football fanatic Andrew, even though Paddy gave her the nickname ‘Picky Peggy’.

Their date seemed to go swimmingly but although she felt she’d met her ‘dream man’, things clearly fizzled out with her date as the nation watched her get married to Georges on MAFS UK last week.

Georges and Peggy on Married at First Sight.
Channel 4

The technology risk partner from Kent weighed in on her MAFS UK experience last week when the show returned.

Writing on Instagram she said: "Wow!!! I can’t believe the day is finally here!!!! Seeing a clip of our hen party has brought back so many emotions!!

"That day was filled with uncertainty - wondering what to expect, who I’d meet, and the kind of experiences that awaited!! I was so scared but wanted to find love so badly that I was willing to take the biggest risk of my life.

"Reflecting on it now, although testing, I’m so grateful for that day and the days that followed.

"I had the chance to meet some truly remarkable individuals, people I wouldn’t have encountered in my usual routine. It was a risk, stepping into the unknown, but one that has been rewarding for so many different reasons!"

Featured Image Credit: ITV/Channel 4

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