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Married At First Sight UK star Jordan Gayle shares shocking incident which destroyed his childhood

Married At First Sight UK star Jordan Gayle shares shocking incident which destroyed his childhood

Jordan has revealed the lasting impact witnessing domestic abuse in his childhood home has had on him.

**Trigger warning: The following article contains discussion of domestic violence**

Married at First Sight UK star Jordan Gayle has shared the traumatic incident which destroyed his childhood.

The 26-year-old personal trainer, who is taking part in the new series of the hit E4 show, has hinted at his unhappy childhood.

While appearing on the show, Jordan said one of his earliest memories was ‘the most traumatic you could imagine’.

Jordan Gayle is taking part in the new series of Married at First Sight.

The Yorkshire-born personal trainer from Sheffield has now opened up about what he witnessed and the lasting impact it has had on him.

Jordan witnessed his father physically attack his mother at their family home when he was only three years old.

He said he remembers crying out for his mum and desperately wanted to protect her as he took on the pressures of being the ‘man of the house’ at a very young age.

He also revealed in a new interview how he'd physically fought his father.

“One of my first living memories was when I was three years old and trying to protect my mum physically,” he told MailOnline.

Jordan felt the need to protect his mum at a young age.

“My mum is getting thrown around the room and across the bed, hitting the other side of the floor and I'm running, shouting "Mummy" and trying to protect her.

'I try not to think about it too much but that is one of my first living memories.

“My mum and dad were together but then my dad left when I was very young, so it was just me, my mum and my sister and my mum always said, ‘you're the man of the house’.

“Afterwards, anytime I heard a male voice in the house I would cry and shout out for my mum... all I knew was my mum and my sister and I was very protective of that.”

Seeing domestic abuse first hand has had a lasting impact on Jordan, who said: “I remember asking for a pair of 3kg dumbbells for my eighth birthday because I wanted to be strong to protect my mum.”

Jordan Gayle and Erica.

Jordan said appearing on the Married at First Sight UK, where he has been paired with Erica Roberts, 25, has helped him put things into perspective after his traumatic childhood meant he had to move house a lot and struggled to lay down roots.

“Since doing Married at First Sight, I have learned how my traumatic childhood relates to who I am." he said.

“I’ve realised that seeing my mum get hurt from a young age was the reason I got into fitness, and I wanted to be as big and as strong as possible.

'I wanted to feel more able if my mum or sister was ever hurt. I placed so much importance on my physicality because I was so young, I thought being bigger was the best way I could handle situations.”

If you witnessed domestic abuse as a child, contact the Free Your Mind charity. Their mission is to support individuals that have experienced childhood Domestic Abuse and mental health issues as a result.

Featured Image Credit: E4

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