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Married At First Sight UK: Everyone's Saying The Same Thing About Morag's Confession

Married At First Sight UK: Everyone's Saying The Same Thing About Morag's Confession

People had a lot of opinions after Thursday's episode.

Married at First Sight fans waited with bated breath this evening, as Morag Crichton revealed she had something to tell Amy Christophers about her husband Josh Christie.

The group were enjoying a girls' day out when the topic of Amy and Josh's marriage came up in conversation. All of a sudden, Morag revealed she needed to get something off her chest.

You can watch the clip below:

In the scene, Morag tells Amy that a year before the show, Josh had messaged her on social media and liked some of her photos.

She said: "Last year, Josh may have added me, sent me a message, multiple times, liked multiple of my photos.

"I'm sorry, I didn't mention it, I didn't want you to be worried, I told Luke from the off... however, has Josh mentioned it to you? "Has he been transparent, has he been honest?"

"Blondes aren't even his type though," said Amy.

Amy was shocked when she found out (

But after watching the confession, fans are all saying the same thing, with many thinking it was a bit of an anti-climax.

One person tweeted: "Morag’s MASSIVE non news news….huge eye roll! Could she be anymore dramatic over literally nothing."

While another said: "What does it matter if josh liked a few photos of Morag a year ago? They weren't in the show then."

And a third added: "How dare he have a life before the show..."

And a fourth said: "So he messaged Morag over a year ago, wow not exactly a big deal."


Also in Thursday's episode, fans were convinced that Ant is 'using Alexis' after he revealed the pair were just friends.

During the boys' day out, Ant said: "We are just friends, we're so friendly. I did kiss her and I feel like I shouldn't have because it led her on a bit.

"It's just friends, it's so friendly. It's not that I'm not into her I just don't see that sexual connection between us."

Viewers are heartbroken for Alexis, who seems mega keen to progress with Ant.

Can these two make things work?!

MAFS UK continues Monday-Thursday at 9pm on E4.

Featured Image Credit: E4

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