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Love Island's Luca silences Gemma split rumours in new snap

Love Island's Luca silences Gemma split rumours in new snap

The pair appear to be getting very close on the outside world!

This year's season of Love Island might have only just drawn to a close, but there are already rumours that some of the couples have split.

Namely, Gemma Owen and Luca Bish, but now the fishmonger has silenced claims that he's no longer in a relationship with Michael Owen's daughter.

The rumours that the pair weren't getting on were fuelled by pictures after the Love Island reunion, which appeared to show them looking less than happy.

But this appears to have been nothing more than a one-off.

Luca has now shared a sweet snap of Gemma - who is not yet his girlfriend - on Instagram stories.

She could be seen in a luxury bed wearing a hoodie.

Luca tagged her in the snap, writing: 'Morning view' alongside a heart emoji.

Luca has silenced rumours that he's broken up with Gemma.
Instagram / lucabish

The rumours that the pair had split were also fuelled by a reporter who saw Luca carrying Gemma's bag after the reunion.

He joked: "You've got your hands full there!"

Luca then replied: "Oh don't mate! She's got the right hump with me!"

However, whatever argument was going on between the couple is clearly water under the bridge, and they appeared happier than ever on Good Morning Britain this week.

Luca said to Gemma: "You've changed a little. For the better, she's come more out of her shell. When I saw you with your mum and that."

Gemma then opened up about the close relationship she has with her mum.

The pair also put dismissed the rumours that their relationship was deteriorating, and Gemma said they were 'official without the label'.

Luca said 'I will ask her' in reference to making Gemma his girlfriend.

Luca and Gemma aren't official yet.
Good Morning Britain

He told ITV that he has spent some time thinking of a romantic way to pop the question.

Luca said: "There is a plan and it will hopefully happen in the next month and I'm sure you'll see it unfold. It'll be something to do with a swimming pool. "

This prompted Gemma to add: "He knows me well enough now to not do anything too cringe! So, I trust him and I’ll let him get on with it. I'm sure I'll love it, whatever it is."

The pair admitted that they are looking forward to the future, with Luca saying that he has heard a lot about the Owen family's barbecues and thinks he will 'fit right in'.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/gemowen_1/lucabish

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