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Love Island's Luca Bish Spotted On Another Reality TV Show

Love Island's Luca Bish Spotted On Another Reality TV Show

Eagle-eyed fans spotted Luca wearing a pretty bold outfit choice.

One of the most talked-about contestants on Love Island is 23-year-old Luca Bish, and now fans have spotted him on another reality show.

Namely, the Channel 4 policing show Night Coppers, which aired on Tuesday (26 July) and featured him walking around in an elf costume.

Night Coppers takes a look at the lives of British nighttime police officers and this episode followed officers in Brighton as they dealt with a fight between men dressed as Christmas elves.

While Luca himself wasn't involved in the fight, at one point in the show, he could be seen enjoying a night out with friends in a festive getup as the officers passed by.

"Are they different elves? They are multiplying," one officer joked. "One's in a queue for a strip club."

Luca's brief appearance on Night Coppers.
Channel 4

However, while Luca might not have found himself in hot water on Night Coppers, he has been the subject of controversy in recent Love Island episodes.

His behaviour caused him and his partner Gemma to hit a rough patch after he got upset at her performance during the Mile High Club challenge.

Despite the fact that it required her to be sexy, Luca wasn't happy when he saw her dancing for the other boys, and he didn't hesitate in making his feelings known.

Could Luca and Gemma be on the rocks?

Things got so heated after the challenge that Luca actually removed his mic at one point as he stormed off and told Gemma to 'f**k off.'

This didn't go down well with Gemma, who maintained that she did nothing wrong and was only taking part in the challenge.

Viewers were so upset that they asked producers to intervene, with one writing on Twitter: "Producers need to be looking after Gemma bc a grown man just told her how he expects her to ‘behave’: this is controlling and sinister, so please get him the f**k away from her [sic]."

While the pair went on to seemingly patch things up, fans of the show thought that Gemma also seemed upset in last night's episode following the argument.

One wrote: "somethings off with gemma this episode she's seemed so upset and irritable the whole ep [sic]."

"Anyone else get the feeling Gemma is just done with Villa life and can't wait for it all to be finished? [sic]," questioned a second.

If there is any truth to fans' speculation that Gemma wants to be out of the Love Island villa, she will not have to wait much longer as the show is ending next week.

Do you think her and Luca deserve to be in the top three after recent events?

Featured Image Credit: ITV/Channel 4

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