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Love Island Fans Think Davide's Eyewear Choice Is 'Getting Out Of Hand'

Love Island Fans Think Davide's Eyewear Choice Is 'Getting Out Of Hand'

Love Island fans think that someone should tell the Italian about the existence of prescription sunglasses...

Davide is one of the stand-out contestants on this season of Love Island, but his eyewear choices have left viewers baffled.

The businessman, 27, has chosen to wear two pairs of glasses simultaneously, and viewers think it’s 'getting out of hand.'

Now, writing as a glasses wearer, I get it. 

You need one pair to see clearly and another to protect your eyes from the sun, but I must admit that I’ve never worn my reading glasses and sunglasses simultaneously! 

Reacting to Davide’s glasses, one viewer wrote: "Someone get Davide sunglasses with prescription because this is getting out of hand."

A second added: "Davide is really wearing sunglasses on top of his regular glasses. Does he know prescription sunglasses exist?!?"

"Davide has made the 2 pairs of sunglasses thing his signature look," remarked a third.

A more empathetic viewer added: "Feel like everyone who wears glasses completely understands Davide and the sunglasses over glasses look."

"I love Davide even more because this is exactly what I do with my glasses and sunglasses," wrote a fifth viewer. "I feel seen."

"Don't worry Davide, I wear my seeing glasses under my sunglasses too," added a sixth.

The comments about Davide's sunglasses come amid an episode that saw Davie get closer to the new bombshell Antigoni Buxton, 26.

"You seem like a genuine person with a lot of values," he said. "I can feel you came to find a real connection with someone."

The pair then discussed their relationship expectations and values on a date before vowing to get to know each other better inside the villa.

Davide has not had the easiest journey in the villa so far, and he recently came to blows with Ekin-Su who now famously decided to leave him for Jay. Watch below:

This resulted in explosive scenes that saw the 27-year-old crawling around on her hands and knees on the terrace so that she could meet the Scotsman in secret.

Davide then called her a 'liar' and an 'actress', providing viewers on social media with plenty of meme worthy material.

"When I'm dating someone, I'm dating with a purpose," Davide said in his introductory VT.

"I don't mind stepping on people's toes to get what I want," he added. "Going to bring a bit of Italian flavours."

Davide may well have to step on other islander's toes to get what he wants.

The new bombshell Antigoni has already expressed an interest in Jay, who seems open to getting to know her despite being coupled up with Ekin-Su.

Featured Image Credit: ITV/Love Island

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