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Love Island Fans Say Tasha's Dad 'Stole The Show' After His Coco Comment

Love Island Fans Say Tasha's Dad 'Stole The Show' After His Coco Comment

Can we give Tasha's dad the £50k?

Love Island fans have a new favourite cast member with just one episode to go, after the islanders were visited by some very special guests on Sunday night, 31 July.

It was Tasha's dad, Tarek Ghouri, who stole the show during the family visits, after he took his opportunity to poke fun at Andrew.

Watch the iconic meeting here:

Tarek, who has been very vocal about his daughter's experience in the villa throughout the series, was eager to make a joke about Coco Lodge when he met Andrew for the first time.

Fans lost it when Tasha's dad asked Andrew what his favourite part of the experience had been so far, before joking: "Don't say Coco!"

While Andrew couldn't help but turn red, he was able to handle Tasha's dad's banter well, and took it all on the chin.

Tasha and Andrew's parents then went on to discuss the couple's touchy-feely behaviour in the villa.

"You know it’s love when two people on the other side of the villa are having a little look and a little smile and stuff, and a lot of body contact," Tasha's dad pointed out, before adding: "Not the body contact under the sheets – which we do need to talk about at some point."

"The sheets moving..." Tasha's mum threw in.

"The famous salon," her dad teased.

Andrew and Tasha had a great time meeting each other's parents.

Horrified by her dad's comments, Tasha argued: "We kept the salon chill!"

But Tarek was having none of it, telling Tasha: "You're joking, the salon is open 24/7!"

All in all, the couple got the seal of approval from both sets of parents, and agreed that they couldn't wait to meet again outside of the villa.

Fans immediately fell for Tasha's dad, and took to Twitter to discuss his fabulous Love Island debut.

“'The salon is open 24/7', 'Don't say Coco' LOOOL TASHA’s DAD OMG", tweeted one viewer.

"Every series there is one parent that comes in and steals the whole series" noted a second fan. "Tasha’s dad has won that!"

"Tasha your Dad has just become a national treasure with just 6 minutes of screen time" raved another fan.

Tasha's dad has won the hearts of the nation, but could it be enough to get Tasha and Andrew over the line to win the series?

The loved-up couple, who are now officially boyfriend and girlfriend are among the final four couples in the villa, alongside Gemma and Luca, Ekin-Su and Davide, and Indiyah and Dami.

The Love Island final airs tonight at 9pm on ITV2 and ITVHub.

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