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Love Island's Coco Shares NSFW Detail About What She And Andrew Got Up To In Bed

Love Island's Coco Shares NSFW Detail About What She And Andrew Got Up To In Bed

Coco opened up about what happened during Casa Amor.

Love Island's Coco Lodge has shared some details about what really happened with Andrew Le Page during her stint on the show.

Coco, 24 and Andrew, 27 met during Casa Amor, after six new girls entered the main villa. Although coupled up with Tasha Ghouri at the time, Andrew had his head turned by Coco and things got pretty steamy between the pair.

Coco has opened up about what happened between her and Andrew.

Now, Coco has revealed to hosts Bobby Norris and Stephen Leng on Access All Areas, that she wished she'd actually 'gone all the way' with Andrew.

“I wish I just went the full way because the amount of hate I got anyway, like I might as well have, you know," she said.

Explaining exactly what did happen between the pair, she added: “We did not have sex. I mean, he sucked on the t*t, there was probably like a**e groping and like, you know, maybe like a bit of I don’t know rubbing against each other, but that’s about it.

“It’s not great when you’re so sexually attracted to someone like it’s really hard to not get carried away.”

Coco explained she found it tough after the girls returned to the villa.

Coco also revealed that her dad had called producers of the ITV show during her time in the villa, explaining she was being 'misrepresented' in the show.

Coco struggled after the OG girls returned to the villa following Casa Amor, and the drama over what had happened between her and Andrew began to unravel.

“When I was in the villa, apparently my Dad called the producers and was like, you need to show her full personality because what you’re showing is causing so much hate... you’re going to ruin my daughter’s mental health," she said.

“It was actually really hard for me. What’s not shown on the edit of it is the fact that I was literally hyperventilating, crying loads, like I really, really struggled at first, not even just with Andrew but the girls, like some of them weren’t welcoming to begin with."

Coco has also been answering plenty of fan questions on social media.
Coco Lodge/Instagram

Coco has also been answering plenty of fan questions on social media since she was dumped from the villa.

She recently revealed what her real name is, explaining: "I was born Chloe but couldn't pronounce my name so renamed myself Coco as a toddler #extra."

Coco also opened up about one aspect of the show that us viewers rarely get to see and that is the islanders tucking into their dinner and eating!

She said: "We eat catering off camera separated to save the chat, but we love to snack. 3am toasties every night."

Love Island continues at 9pm on ITV2.

Featured Image Credit: ITV

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