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Davide Sanclimenti's Friends Are 'Frustrated' By How He's Treated On Love Island

Davide Sanclimenti's Friends Are 'Frustrated' By How He's Treated On Love Island

The Italian businessman's friends have caused a stir on Instagram with how they spoke out in his defence.

The current star of Love Island is Ekin-Su Cülcüloğlu, who has been sending waves through the villa with her on-the-knees behaviour for new bombshell Jay.

However, as she is currently coupled up with Italian businessman Davide Sanclimenti, her actions haven’t exactly been without consequence. Take a look at Ekin-Su and Jay sneaking onto the terrace:

Now, friends of 27-year-old Davide have spoken out in his defence, claiming that they are ‘frustrated’ with the current situation. 

Ekin-Su criticised Davide when she claimed that he wasn’t making enough effort with her, in particular, by not making her morning coffee like the other men were doing for their partners.

However, his friends hit back on Instagram, writing on Davide's account: “How about you make your own coffee [sic].”

They added that Ekin-Su’s behaviour has been an attempt to ‘steal the show’ and ‘we really hope he figures out what’s really going on and takes action.’

They then slammed Ekin-Su for telling the new islander Jay that she wanted to be in a bed with him and not Davide, writing: "If you want to be treated like a lady, act like one first."

However, this post did not go down well with Instagram users, with one writing: “Chip on shoulder comment.”

A second added: “the slut-shaming ain’t it at all [sic]," while a third wrote: “hopefully davide isn’t as mysoginistic as the people running his account [sic].”

“I mean this is coming from the person who was desperate for a 19 year old so… [sic]” wrote a fourth.

After the backlash, Davide’s friends made another post in his defence, while acknowledging how divisive their original comments were. 

They wrote: “Davide has pure intentions always and we felt this was not reciprocated. 

“However, we would like to point out, that we understand our views and opinions may not necessarily reflect his. We have decided to keep the original post up as this is a place of conversation and people are entitled to their opinions, whether we agree or not.”

One fan wrote: “Davide showing his ‘pure intentions’ by full on ignoring her the last two days.”

“But he is giving her nothing,” observed another. “Girl was trying to reach out and he keeps saying,ahhh something is missing come on.why should [she] stick around [sic].”

A third added: “They're not in a relationship so leave her alone. This post is really immature aswell [sic].”

Following last night's episode, which saw Ekin-Su admit to meeting Jay on the terrace in secret, Davide's friends made yet another post thanking fans for their support.

They wrote: “Thank you for everyone’s kind messages of support after tonight’s episode.”

Love Island continues tonight on ITV2 at 9 pm.

Featured Image Credit: ITV

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