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Love Island's Ekin-Su opens up about secret health battle in villa

Love Island's Ekin-Su opens up about secret health battle in villa

She had a mental health wobble in Casa Amor and the Love Island medics had to intervene.

As the dust settles on this year's season of Love Island, the contestants are reflecting on their whirlwind summer of bombshells, love and drama.

Now, this year's winner Ekin-Su has opened up about her secret health battle in the villa that saw her have a 'mini panic attack'. Watch below:

The actress turned reality star, 27, made the revelation on an episode of Lorraine where she discussed what life has been like for her after the villa.

Host Christine Lampard said of the islanders' behaviour: "It's like Casa Amor, for some reason it's like the Islanders forget the cameras are there the second Casa Amor starts!"

"I know, because they're so hidden these cameras," Eki-Su replied. "You don't know where they are, you can't pretend or act on there. If you were to act, it would happen for two days and then your mask would fall off! Then you're yourself!

"In Casa Amor, obviously there was a moment... I don't know... I'm gonna say this, medics came, I was having a mini panic attack because I was like, 'oh no what's Davide doing in Casa Amor? Is he with someone else?"

"And the medics were like, 'Ekin it's fine, just relax, what's meant to be will be'. And you know, it all worked."

Ekin Su and Davide just couldn't stay mad at each other.

Ekin-Su also opened up about her relationship with Davide and their plans to move in together in the very near future.

"Basically we've decided that we are moving in together, confirmed, it's official!" she said of her boyfriend, who is currently based in Manchester.

"And we are thinking perhaps end of September we're thinking to possibly move into Essex, where I'm from. Davide's not been to Essex and I feel like it's so nice because it's near London, it's easy to travel to, bit of countryside but then also a bit of that edginess to it as well."

The Love Island star used the interview as an opportunity to thank viewers for their support, revealing that she had no idea how popular she and Davide were until after the show.

'It's been absolutely overwhelming," she said.

"You know, it's such a successful show, I didn't think I'd find the love of my life and ended up finding the perfect man. Not just the perfect body."

She continued: "I'd had no idea I had this love and the support and I just want to be thankful to everyone. Even my haters, I love them as well."

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/ekinsuofficial

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