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Love Island's Brad Speaks Out On Aaron And Lucinda Romance

Love Island's Brad Speaks Out On Aaron And Lucinda Romance

So, erm, Brad doesn't seem too threatened by Aaron...

Love Island's Lucinda Strafford might look like she hasn't taken long to get over Brad McClelland - she's currently got two men fighting over her in the ITV villa.

But despite new boy Danny Bibby and OG islander Aaron Francis putting some serious moves on Brad's former flame, he's hinted that he's not worried about where their relationship stands on the outside world.

Check out a clip below:

Speaking on the Love Island: Morning After podcast, during an interview with Kem Cetinay and Arielle Free, Brad said: "She had her opportunity to go with Aaron, she had her opportunity to go with Hugo and she decided not to, and I’ve seen that obviously because I was in there.

"But the viewers at home didn’t see that, they only saw me and Lucinda."

Arielle interjected: "I think we’ve seen Aaron show interest like you said, when she first came in you Hugo and Aaron were like 'yeah, really into it.

"I wasn’t particularly shocked they had the conversation because Aaron has always made it clear he fancied Lucinda."

Brad isn't worried about Aaron or Danny (

But with a smile, Brad replied: "Well if I got put back in that villa, [I would] just basically say 'here! haway let’s go!', because I’ve already been in that situation, where it was me Aaron or Hugo and I already came out on top."

After Brad made the bold suggestion that Lucinda would always pick him first, Kem laughed: "I like your confidence."

"I'm not usually confident in those situations but in that situation I would be," he said, explaining that past experience dictated he was Lucinda's top choice.

Aaron and Lucinda's potential romance aired last night (

When asked if he is going to try and wait for Lucinda on the outside, despite her antics in the Mallorca villa, Brad suggested that he would.

"I’m one of those people that I don’t like unfinished business, do you know what I mean?," he said.

It sounds like Aaron and Danny should stop worrying about each other and focus a bit more on whether Brad is going to steal their girl on the outside, if you ask us...

Featured Image Credit: ITV

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