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First Look As The Baby Challenge Returns Tonight On Love Island

First Look As The Baby Challenge Returns Tonight On Love Island

The time has finally come.

Love Island fans are already preparing themselves after a first look at tonight's episode revealed that the infamous baby challenge will return to the villa.

Watch the teaser clip here:

Yes, the Islanders will be tasked with naming, dressing, feeding, comforting and playing with their babies, as their skills as parents are being put to the test, with an award for the best parents up for grabs at the end of the day. 

In the past, the baby challenge has given fans some of their favourite Love Island moments, including Dr Alex George sending his baby flying across the villa during a pram race, and Molly-Mae's horrified reaction to Tommy Fury flipping their baby in the air.

Viewers are expecting the fan-favourite challenge to add even more drama to the already explosive villa this year.

9pm can't come fast enough.


After spotting the baby challenge teaser clip on social media, one elated fan tweeted: "YES YES YES! I look forward to this challenge every year."

Another joked: "Guess i’m watching tonight’s episode then."


Others are already predicting whether the babies will make or break their favourite couples.

"Ekin will be more dramatic than the baby and Davide is going to lose it," suggested one excited fan.

Referring to Gemma's turbulent relationship with Luca, another joked: "Pray for Gemma. She has two children to deal with."

The couple are currently on the rocks, after a sexy Mile High-themed challenge rubbed Luca up the wrong way.

Will this challenge make or break Gemma and Luca?

Gemma was almost tearing her hair out when Luca refused to admit that he was annoyed at her for her behaviour during the challenge.

When we last saw them, the pair weren't exactly on the best terms after coming to a standstill in their efforts to make amends. Could a baby fix them or tear them apart?

Things could very easily take a turn when the Love Island ladies get a text inviting them out for a mums brunch, leaving the babies in the hands of the dads.

Will the boys be able to prove themselves to their ladies, or will the stress of parenting be enough to cause some rifts?

After Tuesday night's (26 July) episode ended up a fire pit cliff-hanger with one couple at risk of being dumped from the island, fans are wondering which other couples will get to try their hand at parenting.

Between Dami and Indiyah, Danica and Jamie, and Adam and Paige, who will be sent packing from the villa before the babies arrive?

Watch the islanders test out their parenting skills at 9pm tonight on ITV2 and ITVHub.

Featured Image Credit: ITV

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