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Fans Accuse Adam Of 'Stirring The Pot' Following Gemma And Luca's Argument

Fans Accuse Adam Of 'Stirring The Pot' Following Gemma And Luca's Argument

Fans think Adam said one thing to Luca, and another in the beach hut.

Love Island fans have accused Adam of 'stirring the pot' following Gemma and Luca's argument in Tuesday (26 July) evening's episode.

It all kicked off when the islanders took part in the Mile High task, which saw the girls dress up as air hostesses and 'prep the boys for departure, give a full safety briefing and offer refreshments' before joining their partner for a private Mile High Club moment.

Adam was accused of 'stirring the pot'.
ITV / Love Island

But when it was Gemma's turn, Luca wasn't too happy when she licked Adam's chest as part of the challenge - even 'pushing' Gemma away after she approached him.

With the rest of the islanders discussing what had happened back at the villa, viewers were not happy about Adam in particular, who told Luca: "It's not nice to see is it. Like if I was in your shoes I would not have liked it."

However, in the beach hut earlier, Adam had said: "It's a funny one... Gemma obviously licked my chest but Paige did the same to Luca.

"So... it's not really my style to maybe like spit my dummy out a little bit but I kind of get where he's at."

Luca appeared to 'push' Gemma away during the Mile High challenge.

Speaking to Paige afterwards, Adam added: "Obviously no one's going to lick your girl's chest or whatever but it's going to be 10 times worse outside.

"Every time you go to a club there's going to be people chatting to her, every time he goes to a club there's going to be people chatting to him. It's going to be the same for us, it's going to be the same for everyone in here.

"What can you do? You can't watch someone 24/7."

Viewers weren't impressed with Adam.

But viewers were not happy, with some accusing Adam of 'stirring the pot'.

One person said: "Adam STFU you was in his shoes and you liked it Paige did the same thing. Stop stirring sh*t ew."

While another wrote: "Adam stirring the pot."

And a third tweeted: "Adam stirring, here for it though."

Meanwhile a fourth commented: "How can Adam be validating Lucas behaviour by saying 'if I were in your shoes…'? Like babes you were in his shoes and 10 minutes ago you were saying you found it hot that Paige was licking the boys."

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Love Island continues at 9pm on ITV2.

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