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Richard Curtis finally explains what Keira Knightley’s job in Love Actually was

Richard Curtis finally explains what Keira Knightley’s job in Love Actually was

The iconic Christmas film is set to be on a loop in most households over the next few weeks

The festive period is truly upon us, which means stuffing our faces with as much chocolate as possible and watching hours of Christmas movies. And one film that sits at the top of any yuletide list worth its salt is the 2003 classic Love Actually.

The rom-com is set to be on repeat in every household over the next few weeks, but how well do you know it? Like, do you know what Keira Knightley's job is in the film?

For those of you who aren't that familiar with the story, here's a bit if a synopsis.

Set in the run up to Christmas, no surprises there, the flick centres around eight couples who are all loosely intertwined with one another.

The all-star cast includes the likes of Alan Rickam, Hugh Grant, Martine McCutcheon, Emma Thompson and Liam Neeson.

It also stars a young Knightly as a newlywed, who is pursued by her husband's best mate, played by Andre Lincoln.

But have you ever wondered what her character does for a living?

What was Keira Knightley's job in Love Actually?

Scarlett Curtis is the daughter of the film's writer Richard Curtis, and she recently put out a poll, asking her followers whether they knew the answer. And overwhelmingly - 96 percent to 4 percent - they didn't.

So Scarlett put the question to her dad once and for all.

In a video posted to Instagram, Curtis explained that he thought it was pretty obvious, considering the set design.

Drum roll, please...

She was an interior designer, obviously!

He said: "I'm hurt that you don't know. I think it's very clear from the set design, whilst he's making the phone call to Andrew Lincoln, that she has worked for quite a long time as an interior decorator."

When asked how he came up with the idea, and where he drew his inspiration from for the character, Curtis admitted that there wasn't much thought behind it.

"I think it's more a question that when we said, well, in, then we're doing this scene where she makes a phone call to Andrew Lincoln," he recalled.

"Everyone panicked and said, 'What kind of a room is she going to be making the phone call from?' And I said, 'Well, how about, like, maybe she's an interior decorator, and so there's lots of swatches and some paint colours'.

So there you have it, mystery solved.

Richard Curtis recently admitted there are aspects of the film that he regrets.
Scarlett Curtis/Instagram

Curtis recently admitted, actually, that he regrets not having cast more actors from diverse backgrounds in the film.

While speaking to Diane Sawyer ahead of the film’s 20th anniversary, he said: "There are things that you would change, but thank God society is changing.

"My film is bound in some moments to feel out of date."

Curtis added: “There is such extraordinary love that goes on every minute in so many ways, all the way around the world, and makes me wish my film was better.”

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