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Love Island: Davide Tells Ekin-Su 'We're Closed' As He Discovers The Truth

Love Island: Davide Tells Ekin-Su 'We're Closed' As He Discovers The Truth

It's going to be a dramatic Friday night episode of Love Island

It seems like it might all be about to kick off during Friday (17 June) evening's episode of Love Island, after Davide Sanclimenti learns about Ekin-Su Cülcüloğlu's secret trips to the terrace with Jay Younger.

You can watch a preview below:

In Friday's episode, Davide is suspicious over what has been going on between Ekin-Su and Jay.

Before speaking with Ekin-Su, he asks Jay: “Were you on the terrace with Ekin-Su?”

After learning they were together on the terrace, he tells Ekin-Su: “You were not on the terrace, no? Liar.

“This is the reason why I was not opening myself because I am scared to be hurt from a woman like you. I hope you find the love of your life because me and you are closed.”

Speaking to the girls afterwards, Ekin-Su explains: “Jay walks in here and I felt great, I am going with my feelings, end of… Let him moan. Yes, I kissed him, so what? [Davide's] not said I am his girlfriend, technically it’s not cheating.”

Ekin-Su and Jay had been secretly meeting on the terrace.

Following this week's events in the villa, friends of 27-year-old Davide have spoken out in his defence, claiming they are ‘frustrated’ with the current situation. 

Ekin-Su criticised Davide when she claimed he wasn’t making enough effort with her, in particular, by not making her morning coffee like the other men were doing for their partners.

However, his friends hit back on Instagram, writing on Davide's account: “How about you make your own coffee [sic].”

They added that Ekin-Su’s behaviour has been an attempt to 'steal the show' adding: "We really hope he figures out what’s really going on and takes action."

They then slammed Ekin-Su for telling the new islander Jay that she wanted to be in a bed with him and not Davide, writing: "If you want to be treated like a lady, act like one first."

Davide calls Ekin-Su a liar.

But viewers were not having some of the comments made on Davide's account, with one writing: "The sl*t-shaming ain’t it at all."

After the backlash, Davide’s friends made another post in his defence, while acknowledging how divisive their original comments were. 

They wrote: “Davide has pure intentions always and we felt this was not reciprocated. 

“However, we would like to point out, that we understand our views and opinions may not necessarily reflect his. We have decided to keep the original post up as this is a place of conversation and people are entitled to their opinions, whether we agree or not.”

Love Island continues at 9:00pm on ITV2.

Featured Image Credit: ITV

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