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Love Island Fans Shook After Ekin-Su Makes Cheeky Request From Davide

Love Island Fans Shook After Ekin-Su Makes Cheeky Request From Davide

Ekin-Su is the gift that keeps on giving.

Love Island fans are shook are catching the cheeky comment that Ekin-Su made to her partner Davide just moments after sneaking off to the terrace for a kiss with new boy Jay.

On Thursday (16th June) night, viewers' jaws hit the floor as they watched Ekin-Su Cülcüloğlu, 27, crawl across the terrace floor to avoid the prying eyes of her fellow islanders and steal a kiss from Jay Younger, 28, all while coupled up with Davide Sanclimenti, 27.

Ekin-Su had her eyes on Jay from the moment he walked into the villa this week, and wasted no time making her move after Davide brought her to tears when he failed to bring her her morning coffee.


After a second night of sneaking around on the terrace and snogging Jay behind Davide's back, Ekin-Su calmly returned to the garden and playfully called on Davide.

Viewers couldn't believe their ears when Ekin-Su walked back out onto the patio, and shouted: "Davide, I'm hungry. Make me food!"

Immediately after catching the bold request, fans rushed to Twitter to confirm that they had heard correctly.

One gobsmacked viewer wrote: "Nah, when Ekin-Su came back from kissing Jay & said 'Davide, I’m hungry, make me food' I just knew her villainy knows no bounds."

“I’m hungry Davide” 2 minutes after lipsing Jay, this girl has no limits" wrote a second.

And a third added: "How can Ekin-Su come out from lipsing Jay & shout “I’m hungry, Davidé make me food.” is she well? After God, fear women."


And a fourth joked: "Ekin-Su, mate, you've just finished feasting on Jay's face, aren't ya full?"

It didn't take Davide much longer to confront Ekin-Su to try and find out what exactly had been going on between she and Jay.

However, having already confessed her dirty little secret to Gemma Owen and Paige Thorne, Ekin-Su was in no mood to share the news with Davide, storming off on him in a huff.


Fans are expecting the truth to come out on Friday night after watching a teaser clip from the seemingly explosive episode, featuring an intense argument between Ekin and Davide that could spell the end of their summer romance once and for all.

Love Island airs weeknights at 9:00pm on ITV2 and ITV Hub.

Featured Image Credit: ITV

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