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People are rinsing Chad Michael Murray's ice skating scene in new Neftlix romcom

People are rinsing Chad Michael Murray's ice skating scene in new Neftlix romcom

Chad Michael Murray, why?!

People are losing it after spotting a ridiculous scene in Chad Michael Murray's Christmas movie Angel Falls Christmas.

The 2017 film - NOT to be confused with Christmas in Angel Falls - is among the cheesiest things you could watch this festive season, but some of the hilariously bad filming errors make it worth the watch. Check this out:

In the film, Chad Michael Murray plays Gabe, the dreamy barista who takes workaholic ER doctor Ally (Jessica Lowndes) on a Christmas bucket list adventure.

When Ally finds herself all alone at Christmas after her boyfriend Josh dumps her, Ally tries to celebrate Christmas - a holiday she has never enjoyed - by herself.

The 'angelic' (wink, wink) Gabe tries his best to teach Ally the magic of Christmas, and set her back on. the right track to win back Josh - but if he's not careful, he might just fall in love with her himself.

Since it dropped on Netflix, users have been testing out the delightfully cringe film, but when one particular scene came on, they couldn't take it anymore.

It all goes down when the stoney-faced Chad Michael Murray - or, er, Gabe - takes Ally and her best friend Dawn ice-skating in his first attempt to get them into the Christmas spirit.

People are absolutely rinsing one scene from the movie.

The problem? None of the characters are actually wearing ice skates.

Firstly, the scene is filmed in an 'ice-rink' that really just looks like a snowy patch of ground with some fencing around it.

Secondly, the camera cuts of the characters' feet, so you can't see what sort of shoes they're wearing - but they haven't exactly sold to viewers that they're really on skates.

If anything it looks like they just sort of sway from side to side.

In the background, you can see other characters wearing ice-skates, but they're not really gliding either. It looks more like they're carefully treading from one foot to another, balancing on their blades.

It is truly ridiculous when you notice it... and oh boy, did people notice it!

After spotting the bizarre moment, some viewers took to TikTok to discuss.

Sharing the video with her followers, user @else9803 wrote: "There was no budget for real ice-skates, I guess."

One of her followers was shocked by what they had just witnessed, asking: "Did he just sashay over there?"

The bizarre scene has accidentally given fans the ick for Chad Michael Murray.

A second wondered: ""How is he not embarrassed?"

And a third: "I'm sad that this is Chad Michael Murray - the glide makes it worse."

Others admitted that the scene officially gave them 'the ick' for the biggest heartthrob of the early 2000s.

"Chad Michael Murray has always given me the ick and this just confirms it," commented one user.

"Is this the Chad Michael Murray ick I saw someone post about? Because if it is I totally understand now," admitted a second.

If you want a better glimpse at the awkward moment, or any more of the wonderfully corny scenes in this film, you can watch Angel Falls Christmas on Netflix now.

Featured Image Credit: Netflix

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