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The quartet of judges on Britain's Got Talent broke the show's rules for the best possible reason, to reward a contestant who really deserved it.

Auditions are over for the latest series of BGT but that hasn't stopped some late entrants from wowing the judges and blowing the audience's collective socks off.

Proving that you really can save the best until last, one of the most amazing auditions seen on the show in a long time came right at the end of the process and forced the judges to break the rules to express how much they loved the performance.

Dancer Musa Motha wowed the Britain's Got Talent crowd so much they chanted for the judges to break the rules of the show.

One of the final entrants into this year's Britain's Got Talent was one-legged dancer Musa Motha, who explained that he used to be a football player but had to have a leg amputated after a cancer diagnosis.

He told the judges that he was taught how to dance after losing his leg, learning how to use one of his crutches as part of the performance.

With the audience on his side Musa, originally from South Africa but recently relocated to London, performed his act and within seconds had pretty much everyone in the theatre cheering him on.

Dancing to 'Runnin (Lose it all)' by Beyoncé, he had the judges, the crowd and even Ant and Dec emotional at the stunning display they'd just witnessed.

It was a spectacular performance which had the audience chanting 'golden buzzer' as they urged the judges to send Musa right through, but this being the end of the audition process they'd all already been used.

The judges had to tell the chanting audience 'we've got none left' but the crowd was having absolutely none of it.

Bruno Tonioli tried to tell people he couldn't break the rules again, not after getting in trouble for pressing his golden buzzer mid-performance and pressing it a second time for another act which are meant to be big no-no's on BGT.

They're not going to get in trouble if they all do it together, and Musa really was that good.

Still, there was no arguing with the crowd and the judges decided they might as well break the rules of the show together, all of them pressing the golden buzzer simultaneously to shower Musa in golden confetti as they got up onto the stage to personally congratulate him.

Getting the golden buzzer puts someone straight through to the live show regardless of other judge votes and this year's Britain's Got Talent has seen it used more than ever.

Musa is the eighth act on this current series to get a golden buzzer, with each of the judges supposed to have one each while Ant and Dec can also press one themselves.

However, Bruno Tonioli broke the rules again by pressing his a second time while Simon Cowell pressed it again too, while the group buzzer went to Musa.

Let's be honest, when he deserves it this much you can bend the rules a little bit.

The first live semi final of Britain's Got Talent airs tonight (29 May) at 8pm on ITV.

Featured Image Credit: ITV

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