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Simon Cowell speaks out after Bruno Tonioli breaks Britain's Got Talent rule on first appearance

Simon Cowell speaks out after Bruno Tonioli breaks Britain's Got Talent rule on first appearance

The judge has opened up about the broken rule

Simon Cowell has finally spoken out out after Bruno Tonioli broke a huge Britain's Got Talent rule on his first-ever appearance on the show.

The beloved variety show returned to our screens once again over the weekend (15 April) to kick-off season 16 with a brand-new face joining the judging panel.

But, it seems like the new judge wasn't quite caught up with how things go down when it came to the audition protocol. Check it out:

With Ant and Dec's stage antics, side-splitting audience reactions alongside the weirdest and most wonderful talent this nation has to offer - it's clear that this season is already shaping up to be a good one after just one episode.

Former Strictly Come Dancing judge, Tonioli, made his exciting debut to the talent show on Saturday and has definitely made a lasting impression on both audiences and the judging panel itself.

It all started when Ugandan dance act, Ghetto Kids, took to the stage to bust a move when the 67-year-old couldn't contain his excitement a second longer.

And it's clear that it didn't take long for the golden buzzer to be well and truly slammed on the very first episode of the season.

Bruno Tonioli got slightly carried away with his enthusiasm for the dance group.

So much so that the dance crew hadn't even finished their powerful performance.

Instead of waiting for the audition to finish, Tonioli broke the 'golden' rule and prematurely pressed the buzzer and BGT big boss, Cowell, has since revealed his reaction to the error.

In an exclusive interview with Mail Online, the media mogul said: "Well, that was pretty quick! It was the second or third day.

"I was laughing my head off thinking, 'You definitely haven't watched the show, have you?' And then I thought, 'Actually, this is brilliant because it has never happened before.'"

Clearly seeing the humour in the situation, Cowell added that no one was actually that bothered with Tonioli breaking the rule as everyone was 'happy' with the decision as the dance group 'really did deserve' the prestigious accolade.

Tonioli was 'mortified' that he pressed the golden buzzer too soon.

He continued: "And just looking at Bruno's face, he was happy.

"Then when someone ran up to him and said, 'Well, you're supposed to do it at the end,' he was mortified!

"I said, 'It doesn't matter, Bruno. You just gave them the golden buzzer. Who cares?'"

The official BGT Twitter page even commented on Tonioli's heart-warming blunder, posting a clip of the judge's enthusiastic buzzer slam with the caption: "Nothing's gonna stop Ghetto Kids' POWER performance... Not even a Golden Buzzer halfway through!"

That's for sure.

Hopefully the new judge will learn the ropes as the show goes on.

The new judge explained that he had been watching the dance troupe and thought they were 'genius' so he had no choice but to 'press the golden buzzer'.

"Now, I hold my hands up," Tonioli resolved. "I realise now I was supposed to wait until after they'd performed to press it! I just felt it in my bones and went for it!"

He added: "Honestly, I had no idea. Nobody really ever explained that process to me. All I knew was I had a golden buzzer, but they never told me when I was supposed to press it!"

Well, considering last Saturday was Tonioli's first appearance on the show - he's got plenty of time to learn the ropes.

Britain's Got Talent will return to our screens this Saturday (22 April) at 8pm on ITV.

Featured Image Credit: ITV

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