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Love Island Fans Convinced Billy Has 'Fallen In Love' With Danica After Gym Moment

Love Island Fans Convinced Billy Has 'Fallen In Love' With Danica After Gym Moment

Could we be witnessing the start of a brand new Love Island couple?

There could be a new Love Island couple on the horizon and the potential love story started in the gym thanks to some extremely impressive stretches. Watch below.

Casa Amor new boy Billy Brown finally showed an interest in bombshell and queen of cartwheels, Danica Taylor.

The 21-year-old professional dancer from Leicester remembered to stretch before she started her workout and her flexibility caught the attention of the 23-year-old roofing company director.

Billy’s shock did not go unnoticed as Danica continued showing off her repertoire of body contortions.

“F**king hell,” Billy said in a state of shock. He was so mesmerised after seeing Danica bent over he had to put down his weights.

He then sat down on the bench to get a panoramic view. “How is she stretching with sass? That’s what I don’t get,” he joked.

He admitted he now plans to get to know Danica more in the Beach Hut. “Yeah, I'd like to get Danica more," he said. "You can't complain when you go to the gym and you've got a little fittie in front of you!”

Billy was mesmerised by Danica.

It seems the feelings are mutual after Danica told Indiyah Pollack in a later scene that, even though she has her sights of returning bombshell Adam Collard, she also plans to get to know Billy.

Fans are already shipping the pair on social media. "Billy has just fallen in love with Danica," one Love Island viewer tweeted.

"Billy saw Danica bend over and now wants to get to know her loool. Men," another Love Island fanatic quipped.

A third Twitter user reacted to the hilarious scene with: "Billy saw Danica bend over ONE time and can’t compose himself".

While someone else called the flirty exchange the best scene in Wednesday (13 July) night's episode. "Billy reacting to Danica stretching is the highlight of the episode for sure."

Someone else declared: "Billy was so impressed by Danica he had to drop the dumbbells".

This is not the first time Danica has captured the attention of viewers. After entering the villa as a surprise bombshell and performing a dance routine as part of a challenge, she taught Adam how to salsa during their date.

A shy Adam asked Danica for a quick tutorial after admitting he had always wanted to learn.

“I could definitely teach you some hip movements,” Danica flirted back as the pair got into position for their 1-2 step.

Although Adam was a bit stiff initially (stop it, you), Danica soon loosened him up and the pair were had a fantastic ‘beginners’ session.

Note to self - always remember to stretch.

Featured Image Credit: ITV

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