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Love Island Fans Have Convincing Theory Luca Will Go Home

Love Island Fans Have Convincing Theory Luca Will Go Home

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Love Island fans have a convincing theory that Luca Bish could be about to go home.

In previews to Tuesday (19 July) evening's episode of the show, Laura Whitmore arrives at the islanders' VIP party to announce that 'the party is over' and someone is going home.

Laura reveals that the public have been voting for their favourite boy and girl and the two boys and girls with the fewest votes risk being dumped from the Island tonight.

You can watch the first look below:

Although both Tasha and Andrew have been in the bottom few couples numerous times throughout the series, people are predicting that Luca could soon be one of the least favourite islanders, after some of his comments made this week.

Many viewers have been unhappy about Luca's behaviour towards Tasha, especially during the Mad Movies evening, and in Monday (18 July) night's episode when both Luca and Dami suggested they still had doubts over whether Tasha is serious about her relationship with Andrew.

"I know it's a game but there's a little bit of truth behind everything. If they really think that, I don't want to be friends with them," said Tasha.

However, Luca and Dami stood by their remarks, with Luca saying: "There's more brutal stuff she could have got."

Fans think Luca could be going home.

Meanwhile, on Sunday, while watching the film 'Luca Who's Talking', the girls were horrified to see how Luca had been egging on the other boys to kiss new girls during Casa Amor.

At one point, after Andrew sheepishly confessed that he had shared a kiss with bombshell Coco Lodge, Luca was seen jumping for joy before jokingly asking: "Tasha who?"

Despite this, Luca was fuming after watching a clip of Billy and Gemma, who he accused of 'entertaining' Billy's flirty comments.

Following the events that have taken place over the last few days, viewers at home think Luca could receive less votes as a result.

Luca was not happy at movie night.
ITV / Love Island

One person wrote: "I hope in the public vote they tell andrew and tasha that they’re safe first, i want luca and dami to SUFFER."

While another said: "If the UK doesn’t send luca or dami home i’m going to lose my fu**ing mind."

And a third added: "Luca needs to get dumped immediately."

"It better be Dami or Luca going home tomorrow. They gotta go," said a fourth.

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Love Island continues at 9pm on ITV2.

Featured Image Credit: ITV

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