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Mark Ruffalo Reveals The Scene That Almost Made Him Quit 13 Going On 30

Mark Ruffalo Reveals The Scene That Almost Made Him Quit 13 Going On 30

We're gonna have to rewatch the scene ASAP!

Ever since we watched 13 Going On 30 for the first time, one scene in particular hasn't left our minds.

However, Mark Ruffalo has revealed he "almost quit" the teen comedy because of that very scene - and we simply can't believe it.

In a new interview alongside his fellow 13 Going on 30 star Jennifer Garner to promote their new Netflix film The Adam Project, Mark said one of the film's most iconic scenes was actually quite a tumultuous shoot.

13 Going on 30 features a dance scene. (
Sony Pictures)

ReelBlend podcast co-host and film critic Kevin McCarthy asked the pair about his favourite scene in 13 Going on 30, you guessed it, the 'Thriller' dance.

Fans will remember when geeky teen Jenna Rink, who is now in the body of a 30-year-old version of herself, encourages everyone at a dull party, including her crush Matty, to take part in an impromptu performance of Michael Jackson's iconic zombie dance.

But it's fair to say based on Ruffalo's response he's not a natural dancer.

The 'Thriller' dance almost made Mark Ruffalo quit the film. (
Sony Pictures)

“My memory of that [scene] is whatever Matty was experiencing in that, actually was just me,” he says as Garner laughs along.

“She had to drag me onto the dance floor. It took me six hours to learn what she learned in about six minutes. She was so good at dancing and I was so bad… I almost quit the movie!”

Garner jumps in and quips: “He almost quit the movie! We had to talk him into staying.”

“He was just like ‘this isn’t for me’”.

We can't imagine 13 Going on 30 without Ruffalo or his dancing!

There are no dance scenes in The Adam Project. (

Both actors have been reunited in the new Netflix sci-fi adventure film The Adam Project. Ruffalo plays Louis Reed, a quantum physicist who wrote the algorithm necessary for controlled time travel and is the father of Adam Reed, the character played by both Ryan Reynolds and Walker Scobell.

Garner plays Adam's mum and Louis' wife, Ellie Reed.

Viewers have been left in tears after watching the film and it has a very good 70 per cent rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

The Adam Project and 13 Going on 30 are available to watch on Netflix right now.

Featured Image Credit: Sony Pictures

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