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The Adam Project Viewers Spot 'Back To The Future Easter Egg'

The Adam Project Viewers Spot 'Back To The Future Easter Egg'

Sci-fi fans are losing it right now!

Netflix's new time travel adventure film, The Adam Project, has soared to the top of the trending charts and straight into the hearts of sci-fi fanatics.

The Adam Project follows a time-travelling pilot who teams up with his 12-year-old self and his late father to save the future.

Eagle-eyed viewers have spotted what could be a sneaky reference to another time travel franchise, the 1985 classic comedy Back to the Future.

A key location in Back to the Future is the Twin Pines Mall, where Doc Brown (Christopher Lloyd) and Marty McFly (Michael Fox) achieve time travel by sending their DeLorean back to the 1950s. 

While Marty tries and mostly fails to navigate the 1950s, he knocks down one of the pine trees that inspired the mall’s name.

A scene in The Adam Project takes place at the Pine Ridge motel. (

This changes the timeline in the present, with the site instantaneously renamed the Lone Pine Mall. And it seems the effects of Marty’s escapade in the past are still affecting present day.

In the new Netflix movie, Adam Reed (Ryan Reynolds) and young Adam (Walker Scobell) and their father Louis Reed (Mark Ruffalo) meet at a remote motel named Pine Ridge. The name and logo of the motel is definitely hard to miss and it has captured the attention of viewers, who rushed to social media to discuss the link between the two films.


One viewer shared a picture of the Pine Ridge motel logo and tweeted: “Woah #TheAdamProject was such a fun ride. Combines a lot of sci-fi/action movies and damn that heartfelt story. Plus did anyone catch the Back to the Future reference?

Another Twitter user tagged Ryan Reynolds on Twitter and asked: “Watching #TheAdamProject, the name of the motel has gotta be a reference to the Twin / Lone Pines mall in Back to the Future right? @VancityReynolds”.

While someone else quipped: “Thought we wouldn’t notice that little BTTF reference on the motel logo, #TheAdamProject?”

Marty travels back in time from Twin Pines Mall. (

One Twitter user said the reference was lost on their daughter. “Watching The Adam Project last night with my wife and daughter(14), when I mentioned that the Pine Ridge Motel was a nod to Back To The Future. Then the bombshell, 'I've never seen it'. she says. We are putting that right, soon.”

And this isn't the only time The Adam Project and Back to the Future have merged universes. Reynolds and Ruffalo made a spoof PSA with Lloyd, who is not in the film, to promote their new Netflix movie.

The Adam Project is available to watch on Netflix now.

Featured Image Credit: Netflix

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