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Friends fly to Milan for the day for £20 as people say it's cheaper than a trip to London

Friends fly to Milan for the day for £20 as people say it's cheaper than a trip to London

The friends had chance to eat, shop and sightsee before heading home

A group of friends have encouraged people to 'jump on that flight' after securing a trip to Milan for less than a journey to London.

If you live anywhere outside of the capital in England, then chances are you'll know how pricey it can be to travel to London.

Return trips from the north of the country can quickly get into the hundreds if you don't have access to a railcard, so thanks to budget airlines it can sometimes be much, much cheaper to hop on a plane to a different country instead.

Trains to London can soon get into the hundreds.

Well, TikTok user Daisy took advantage of this unfortunate reality with a group of her friends, using Ryanair to secure some cheap flights and head out to Milan for a day trip.

A video shared from their fancy day out shows the group of women jumping on a plane before touching down in Italy, where they soaked up the sun and took in some of the gorgeous sights.

They ticked loads of boxes off the holiday bucket list by indulging in meals of pizza and sipping on Aperol Spritz, also managing to squeeze in a bit of shopping before heading back to the airport for their flight home.

Daisy said the video was 'your sign to go to Milan for the day', adding alongside the post: "Jump on that £20 flight asap girlies."

TikTok users were left shocked at the incredible day out Daisy had with just £20 spent on travel, with one person commenting "cheaper than london," while another tagged a friend and exclaimed: "cheaper than a taxi into town!!"

A third added added: "£20 flight say no more."

Many other TikTok users praised the idea of travelling to a different country for a day trip, with a flight to Milan taking just over two hours from Manchester - around the same time it would take to get to London by train.

Daisy was able to get the flight for just £20.

Daisy said she and her friends flew in to Malpensa Airport before taking a 40 minute train into the centre of the city.

Flight prices will naturally fluctuate throughout the year, but hopping on a plane at an off-peak time could definitely save you a decent chunk of cash, while also allowing you to experience a whole new culture. After all, there's really only so many times you can visit Pret-A-Manger.

So what are you waiting for? Grab your passport and jump on that plane!

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@daisrobinson

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