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Woman says it was cheaper to fly to Milan for 12-hour spa day than spend her day off in London

Woman says it was cheaper to fly to Milan for 12-hour spa day than spend her day off in London

When in Milan...

Ever wondered you're not using your sacred days off to the fullest?

Well, one woman clearly needn't worry about that after flying to Milan for a 12-hour spa day, which ended up being cheaper than spending her day off in her hometown London.

Yasmine Polson, a 24-year-old HR worker who hails south London, went to the land of pizza, pasta and Aperol Spritz galore.

She took off with her mum and sister, flying out of Gatwick Airport on 27 September at 9am and returning at 10pm that evening, at a cost of just £30 a ticket.

Yasmine jetted off to Milan to visit the viral TikTok spa QC Termemilano, which boasts 27 different wellness rooms and pools that 'feel like you're in Ancient Rome'.

Even though she had to book a flight to the metropolitan city, Yasmine found the trip '100 per cent cheaper' than a day out in her home city in the Big Smoke.

"I didn't really know what to do in London, and also all my friends were working," she explained. "I just wasn't sure what I wanted to do, and I didn't want to just sit at home, so I checked Skyscanner and saw there was a cheap flight and thought, why not."

Fellow colleagues at work were initially perplexed by Yasmine's brief travel plans, asking her why she was going 'just for the day'.

Yasmine said: "They were quite shocked when I told them it was £30, they said they're going to do it as well, so it was quite good responses.

"Just to get from Croydon to London and back is £10, and to go out of London would be £30.

"It's 100 per cent cheaper to go to Milan than it is to spend a day out in London."

One woman flew to Milan to go to QC Termemilano during her day off.
Kennedy News & Media

So, Yasmine boarded an EasyJet flight landed to Milan Malpensa airport and wasted no time in heading for a day of pampering.

"We knew we didn't have loads of time so the only thing we booked to do was to go to the spa," she continued. "I saw on TikTok that it was an amazing spa, so we just went there.

"We got the express train from Milan airport to Milan Central, and then got the underground from there to where the spa was which was like 15 minutes."

Yasmine ended up spending the 'whole day' at the luxury spam adding: "With our ticket we didn't get the full lunch but we did get an apperitivo, which is their light snacks and Prosecco, cheese crackers and olives."


A day-pass to the beautiful spa was just £55 with Yasmine and her family stayed there until 7pm to really make the most of the facilities.

Yasmine said: "There's about 27 different wellness rooms, so different types of immersive saunas and steam rooms."

Other rooms included a rain room and a thunderstorm room.

"There's these outdoor pools that are really nice, you feel like you're in Ancient Rome.

Yasmine paid just £55 for a day-pass to the luxury Italian spa.
Kennedy News & Media

"So we just spent time in there relaxing, there are indoor pools kind of like a tunnel which are quite cool."

Yasmine said she was 'glad' to have spent her day off there as she had 'never been to Italy before', adding: "So if I can for that cheap and see it, why not?"

Why not indeed.

While many of us would usually mooch around on the sofa or get some household chores done if we're feeling productive - it's clear this was a very different way to use up your annual leave.

"I would be running errands and going to the gym, just normal stuff," Yasmine revealed before advising other works to use up their days off in the best way possible too.

She added: "It was an easy day, and a really luxurious spa and I'm not quite sure why it's so cheap, but hopefully it stays that cheap."

Yasmine has since clearly caught the travel bug, saying: "I would go back to Milan, but I would like to try somewhere else, not too sure where else specifically but where ever is the next cheapest flight."

Featured Image Credit: Kennedy News & Media

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