Tesco Are Selling Three New Grape Flavours Including Candy Floss And Tropical

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Tesco Are Selling Three New Grape Flavours Including Candy Floss And Tropical

Grapes are one of nature's most versatile fruits. Not only are they responsible for making wine, they make a delicious snack, can be enjoyed while picnicking and are perfect on the side of a cheese board or when being fed to you by Greek Gods (hey, a girl can dream).

The point is, we didn't think they could get much better, until we discovered Tesco is now selling flavoured grapes in a range of crazy flavours, that is.

Yep, the supermarket is now stocking Jaffa's seedless grapes in Candy Floss, Tropical and Strawberry! Who knew!

Credit: Jaffa
Credit: Jaffa

The special grapes come in at £2 per 400 gram punnet and are found right beside your normal grapes in the fruit aisle. You can also buy them online.

But how do they get their wacky flavours? Produced in Spain, the seedless grapes get their flavours by the way they are grown, meaning there's no artificial flavouring. And at 73kcal per 100grams, you've got yourself a healthy snack.

It's news to us but flavoured grapes have been around for a little while - M&S brought out candy floss, mango, strawberry and tutti frutti-flavoured grapes last year - yet they still sound tempting. Aldi, Lidl and Sainsbury's also sell versions of the punchy fruits.

First spotted on Facebook group Money Saver Online, the grapes have garnered quite a fanbase already with people eager to try the sweet bites, and praise from people who had already tried them.


"Candy floss ones are amazing," wrote one fan. "We need to try some of these," urged another, tagging her spouse.

However, there was some criticism, with people questioning if disguising our fruit as sweets is really that productive or necessary at all.


"Isn't the whole idea of eating fruit supposed to be a healthy option, steering kids (and adults) away from sweets and chocolate," said a Facebook user.

"This is ridiculous. This is not the way for kids to grow up eating fruit and veg as you can't disguise it forever. What happens when they don't do this stuff anymore?," penned another.

Each to their own - we think they sound yum.

Featured Image Credit: Jaffa

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