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You Can Now Get Paid £1,000 To Review Bottomless Brunches

You Can Now Get Paid £1,000 To Review Bottomless Brunches

Getting paid to bottomless brunch? Where do we sign up?

Lucy Devine

Lucy Devine

If you've been having bottomless brunch withdrawal symptoms throughout lockdown, fear not - there is now a way to make up for lost time.

A UK company is searching for 10 'bottomless brunch testers' to review a selection of the best rated boozy brunches in Britain - and you'll be paid £1,000 to get involved.

Pysdro is looking to find the best bottomless brunches in the UK (

Online review platform Psydro is looking for a team of testers in the hopes of creating a list of the nation's top 100 bottomless brunches.

"As the lockdown restrictions begin to lift here in the UK, people are beginning to return to some sense of normality - back to the office, shops full, and pubs brimming with Brits making the most of the restrictions being lifted!" Psydro explain.

"In response to this, we're hoping to create a definitive list of THE 100 BEST bottomless brunches in the UK. To do this, we need your help.

"We're looking for 10 people, all from different regions of the UK, to test a variety of the best rated 'bottomless brunches' in their respective areas (plus, we'll pay you for it!)."

We've missed our regular bottomless brunches (

The platform go on to explain that the programme has been designed not only to uncover the best bottomless brunches, but also to support businesses that have struggled during the pandemic.

Applicants must be able to easily access various different venues, and they are required to spend one day every weekend for three months brunching - so it's definitely a big commitment!

The 'Bottomless Brunch Testers' must also have strong English writing skills, in order to fill out a comprehensive report after each brunch, which should include details on; level of service, quality of food, range of menu, execution of dishes/drinks, environment, and the overall experience.

You'll also be required to rate it out of five stars.

You'll also be required to rate each brunch out of five stars (

Applicants must also be aged 18 or over and of course should abide to the Covid-19 restrictions in place at each venue. The deadline for applications is 31st May and if you'd like to apply, all you need to do is head to the Psydro website and fill out a form.

Tony Ward, founder of Pysdro said: "For the last couple of years bottomless brunches have really begun to dominate the day-time hospitality sector - with thousands of people partaking in them every weekend, they have easily been the biggest food and drink trend in recent times. We hope that the "Bottomless Brunch Testers" will help the UK public spend wisely!

"With the lockdown lift just around the corner we're keen to get going on this as soon as possible, and are going to be selecting our 10 testers at the end of May. We can't wait to see everyone's applications - if you think you've got what it takes then we urge you to apply. Good luck!"

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