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You Can Now Get Paid To Taste Chocolate

You Can Now Get Paid To Taste Chocolate

Where can we sign up?!

Gregory Robinson

Gregory Robinson

Imagine having the chance to add 'chocolate taster' to your CV...

Well, the ethical and organic chocolate start-up, Seed and Bean, has launched a nationwide search for four chocoholics to join its inner tasting circle, so you can do just that!

You can become a professional chocolate taster (

The unusual job advertisement has garnered a lot of attention so far, and here's why:

There's no need for industry experience, the role simply asks that applicants have enjoyed chocolate for at least 10 years and has a taste for adventure. Result.

The remote role can be performed from "anywhere you like" from the kitchen, sofa or bed.

Instead of a traditional CV and cover letter, Seed and Bean is looking for chocolate lovers to flex their creative taste buds by heading in-store to try the bars and then apply by sending in a creative 150 word chocolate review.

The Seed and Bean chocolate is available in Sainsbury's including three innovative vegan flavours, and applicants have the choice of reviewing a Mandarin & Ginger 72 per cent dark chocolate, a Lavender 72 per cent dark chocolate or a Coconut & Raspberry 66 per cent dark chocolate when doing their review.

Do you think you have what it takes to be one of the four chosen chocolate testers? (

The company has already been inundated with applications. Some of the most creative so far have included a chocolate themed rap song, nostalgic memories of sneaking chocolate while sitting in her grandma's garden of lavender and a mother who can't bring herself to share her chocolate with her children.

Don't let that put you off - you have until 11th April 2021 to think of something spectacular for your application.

Chief Chocolatier, Oliver Shorts from Seed and Bean said: Chief Chocolatier, Oliver Shorts from Seed and Bean said: "It's a tough life tasting chocolate all day, we need to share the load. We're recruiting for Master Tasters because we believe flavour creativity comes from a passion for chocolate and we want to know what our fans think.

"The opportunity for us to be stocked in Sainsbury's is huge and as a chocolate challenger brand we need to bring our community into our product development to give us a point of difference against the other brands in the chocolate aisle."

Seed & Bean is an ethical chocolate company (
Seed & Bean)

Applications close on 11 April 2021 so you do have a few more weeks to get them in. The three flavours Mandarin & Ginger, Lavender and Coconut & Raspberry are available for £2.95 for 85g. The flavours are all vegan and in fully compostable packaging at Sainsbury's in store and online.

Good luck!

Featured Image Credit: Pexels

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