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People Are Making Stuffed Spaghetti Subs

People Are Making Stuffed Spaghetti Subs

The ULTIMATE combo of bread and pasta.

Aneira Davies

Aneira Davies

We're not quite sure what to make of this, but people are combining our two favourite carbs and making stuffed spaghetti subs.

Yup, really!

A woman on Facebook bucked this strange trend when she posted her subs - literally bread and Spaghetti Bolognese - to a food group, but others have given the unique recipe a try too, with incredible results.

Vanessa begins by hollowing out a bread roll then adding a pasta filling (
Vanessa West/Facebook)

Vanessa West took to social media to post some images and the recipe for her stuffed spaghetti sandwiches and others remarked at how delicious they looked, desperate to give the subs a try themselves!

She said: "Stuffed spaghetti subs. The perfect fix for my extreme bread/pasta craving."

Explaining that she uses regular sub rolls (that's baguette-style rolls for us in the UK), Vanessa explained that she hollows out the bread until it's just a shell. She then cooks the pasta, adds a little garlic powder and mixes in a pasta sauce and some cooked ground beef, as well as a variety of seasonings.

She then tops the rolls with cheese (
Vanessa West/Facebook)

Next, she brushes the inside of the bread boats with a little garlic butter, adds the pasta mix to the bread rolls and then brushes more garlic butter on the outside of the rolls, before topping with cheese and cooking at around 180°C (350°)until the cheese melts.

Vanessa adds: "That red bowl of melted garlic butter was used to brush the inside of the bread boats before adding the spaghetti and the outside of the bread after, before adding the cheese before putting them in the oven.

"The bread crisps up beautifully and is very flavourful from the melted garlic butter."

OK, we're convinced.

The finished spaghetti subs (
Vanessa West/Facebook)

And it seems as though others have their own take on this yummy dish too!

One fan suggested making the recipe with garlic bread, and we definitely want to give this one a go.

Another commented that parsley would be a great addition, while a third fan wanted to add sea salt to the garlic butter mix.

And a fourth suggested adding meatballs to the mix for the ultimate meaty treat.

They wrote: "Just add a couple of meatballs and then it's perfection."


Featured Image Credit: Vanessa West/Facebook

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