People Are Getting Twister Nails Ready For Summer


People Are Getting Twister Nails Ready For Summer

Summer's finally here and we're hoping to spend as much time as we can out in the garden, soaking up the hot weather.

And, now that we can gather with up to 30 people outside once again, it's the ultimate excuse to get our nails done - and where better to get our inspiration from than our favourite summery treat?

According to Instagram, there's one nail trend that's set to be huge this summer, and it's all down to our favourite ice cream.

Yes, that's right. Twister nails are the newest nail trend and we LOVE it.


The mix of lime green, neon yellow and vibrant pink nails look almost good enough to eat - so we can see why people are raving about this new trend.

Take a look for yourself:

So, how do you achieve this fun look?


All you need is the three key colours - a green, pink and yellow - and you're good to go.

Simply paint a base coat in your main colour choice, and add a twist with your second and third colours.

Check out these yellow nails, with their bright pink accents, for inspiration:


They're the perfect match to the popular lolly!

Alternatively, you could go for a more subtle look with a paler base colour and a simple green, yellow and white twist, just like @thebeautybarlancashire's nails.


Or why not opt to omit the twist altogether, instead going for just the citrusy colours, like @by_katiee's lolly themed nails?


Whatever you go for, we're sure it's set to look delicious!

BRB, just going to stock up on nail varnish.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/Shutterstock

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Aneira Davies
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