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Woman Mortified After Accidentally Returning Personal Item In ASOS Parcel

Woman Mortified After Accidentally Returning Personal Item In ASOS Parcel

If you don't laugh, you'll cry.

Ali Condon

Ali Condon

A woman was left red-faced when she accidentally posted her used underwear to ASOS while returning her original order.

After trying on the clothes she had purchased, comedian and TikToker Carla Freeman decided to send back a few items that didn't fit her quite right.

But after returning home from the post office, she realised something was missing.

You can watch a video below:

Although Carla didn't exactly want her used knickers back in a hurry, she was devastated when she realised she had also mistakenly sent away one of her favourite bras and set off on a mission to get it back.

After finally getting through to another human being at ASOS headquarters, Carla was reassured that she'd be surprised by "how many people do return items by accident that were not purchased from [them]." But Carla wasn't so sure that dirty underwear was high up on the list.

The TikTok creator had viewers in stitches when she shared her story, and managed to rack up over 100,000 views in the first 24 hours.

Carla was mortified when she realised what she had done. (

"Oh you made my day :joy:" commented one amused viewer.

"This is so so funny. Bless her" wrote a second, while a third added: "oh bless, this is my worst nightmare!"

One TikTok user confirmed that ASOS do get sent all sorts of strange items in their returns, writing: "As someone that used to work at ASOS yes! We've had rings, wallets everything!!"

Another joked that if Carla had just waited until the last possible minute to return her clothes like the rest of us do, she would never have made the mortifying mistake.

"That'll teach you for not leaving it to the last day to return... I mean imagine opening and returning a package on same day " they wrote.

Viewers were in stitches over Carla's mishap. (

In a follow up on her Instagram account, Carla revealed that she had been issued a full refund for her clothes but tragically never saw her bra again.

Let this be a warning to all serial returners!

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@carlafreemancomedy

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