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People left furious as 'rude' and 'inconsiderate' woman paints her nails during flight

People left furious as 'rude' and 'inconsiderate' woman paints her nails during flight

She was asked to stop several times but refused

A woman has sparked outrage after she started painting her nails during a flight - and refused to stop despite being asked several times.

When it comes to travelling, most of us are aware of what’s considered bad etiquette, such as propping your bare feet on someone’s arm rest or reclining your seat the entire way.

However, it seems as though some people still haven’t quite got their heads around what's acceptable and what isn’t, as this woman proves.

In a post on Reddit, a fellow traveller shared a shot of the woman who can be seen casually painting her nails mid-flight - prompting the cabin to fill with the strong chemical smell. Rude, right?

While I’m sure it must be frustrating to jet off on your holidays with a chipped manicure, I’m not sure there’s really any excuse to whip out a bottle of polish and get to work on the flight.

Sharing the post, the person explained that it was a three-hour flight and that the woman refused to stop painting her nails until she was eventually asked by a flight attendant to pack it in.

The woman has sparked fury online.

They wrote: “The flight attendant asked her after four of us asked her to stop and she didn't, because by the time the FA got involved she was doing the top coat.”

She really is doing a thorough job.

The post was flooded with responses from people who were quick to slam the woman for her ‘selfish’ actions, with one person posting: “I can understand maybe she didn't think about the air. I'll give her the benefit of the doubt.

“But after people ask you to stop if you're degrading the air quality, you should probably take a moment to realise you're being a d**k and stop.”

Another said: “I would have been SEETHING. Imagine if people near her had asthma.”

The woman clearly wanted to arrive at her destination with a fresh set.
Pexels/DS stories

Someone else wrote: “At first I was like who cares, but I didn’t realise that the smell would have been so annoying.”

While a fourth added: “People like this make me realise how overly considerate I am. My brain can't comprehend this level of entitlement and selfishness.”

And a fellow nail-polish fan pointed out: “I love doing my nails, but I would never do them in such an enclosed space where people can't escape the fumes. Holy crap that's rude.”

Surprisingly, there were also several comments from people saying they’d experienced something similar on flights in the past, too.

Featured Image Credit: Reddit

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