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Woman slams partner who was upgraded to business class but left her in economy

Woman slams partner who was upgraded to business class but left her in economy

Oh, how the other half live.

A woman has slammed her partner who was upgraded to business class and left her to travel in economy.

The pair had been dating for two years and were embarking on their second holiday together - only, her other half had left her behind so that he could sit in a swankier seat.

Taking to Reddit on Sunday, the woman - who remained anonymous - explained that one year ago, her other half decided to sit in the business class area in their plane after buying a premium ticket using his frequent flyer points.

Although she didn’t find this to be an issue at the time, she was left alone in the economy section for each part of their 22-hour flight.

A woman has slammed her partner who left her to travel in economy.

She said: "I told him that he should sit in business since that is what he paid for, and it would be selfish of me to ask him to downgrade to economy just so we could sit together."

Instead, her problems with this began to pile up on their most recent holiday when his seat was automatically upgraded and she only became aware of this at the check-in desk.

She said: "There didn't seem to be any hesitation on his part nor did he discuss with me about how I would feel before he accepted the upgrade."

The woman further claimed that her boyfriend never asked whether his partner’s seat could also be upgraded.

She added: "I was hurt and made a comment at the counter - 'so you want to sit separately?'"

Instead, he responded by adding that the flight was long and he wanted to feel comfortable.

This occurred on two flights where they would be travelling for just five hours, according to the Reddit post author.

She added: "I didn't say anything after that and just allowed him to do as he pleased. At the time, I wasn't sure if I was overreacting and I wanted some time to think about it.

"The reason why I was okay with the previous time was because I believe he paid for a seat in business class, so asking him to downgrade to economy would cause him to lose his money's worth as he was using travel credit for a trip that he cancelled the year before.

"This time, he actually paid for a seat in economy and received a free upgrade, so declining the offer wouldn't cause him to lose anything, unlike last time, other than a few hours of being more comfortable."

Meanwhile, onlookers flocked to the comments section to share their thoughts on the controversy, with many noting that they should have booked the tickets together from his account as to both receive an upgrade together.

He was given an upgrade into business class.
Jacek Sopotnicki / Alamy Stock Photo

One person said: "If my partner left me in economy so he could have a nice comfortable sleep, it would be the last time I ever went anywhere with him."

Someone else commented: "If he just bailed on me with no conversation, no consideration, I would be pissed."

Meanwhile, another social media user explained how the woman ‘established’ with her previous actions that she would accept him taking a separate upgrade.

"You established that it was okay for him to upgrade to business class on the much longer flight, it wouldn’t be unreasonable for him to assume you would feel the same way for a much shorter flight,” they wrote.

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