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Woman Has The Funniest Response To Needy Tinder Match

Woman Has The Funniest Response To Needy Tinder Match

We're crying.

A young woman has TikTok users in hysterics after sharing her hilarious response to a needy Tinder match.

Holly Charles (@hollyecharles) sent a series of voice notes over to her match when he complained that he had "tried to say hello to [her] a few times" but she hadn't replied.

We're not sure what he was expecting to hear back, but it definitely wasn't this! Watch here:

Holly quickly created the internet's new favourite TikTok series by sharing the bizarre voice notes she sends to random dating app matches.

After matching up on Tinder or Hinge, and exchanging Snapchat names, Holly has been weeding out the dodgy daters with outlandish voice notes - and we're obsessed.

People can't get enough of the TikToker, who describes herself in her bio as "part time girly girls part time demon."

After watching Holly's video, which currently has over four million views on TikTok, thousands of users flooded the comment section to beg her for more.

"PLEASE never stop this, i haven’t laughed this much in so long," one fan wrote.

Another seconded, adding: "Please never stop doing these I’m dying laughing."

And a third commented: "I’m literally screaming with tears running down my face hahaha funniest thing ever."

Holly has the people of TikTok in hysterics. (
Holly Charles)

One viewer even recommended that Holly should "go into voice acting" after listening to her voice notes.

Ever since she started sharing her side-splitting conversations, followers have been begging Holly for more - and she's really been delivering.

Reacting to another one of her addictive voice note videos, one user commented: "I think you’re the funniest person I have ever ever come across. Like you deserve an award you have had me laugh all day 😂".

Another raved: "Honestly I am so invested in this."

We hope these videos never stop.

These voice notes are something else. (

In other TikTok news, an 'educational' video on how to 'stimulate the clitoris' went viral last week after its techniques left viewers seriously divided.

Demonstrating the technique on a sliced grapefruit, TikTok creator @vulvational wrote: "How to stimulate the C."

Most women who spotted the video were pretty horrified, warning other TikTok users that this was not what they wanted in the bedroom.

Featured Image Credit: Holly Charles/ Tiktok

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