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Outrage As Woman's Tinder Match Calls Her 'Obese'

Outrage As Woman's Tinder Match Calls Her 'Obese'


TikTok users were horrified after one woman shared the awful messages she was sent by a Tinder match, calling her "slightly obese."

Sharing a screenshot of the interaction with her match Mikey, TikTok creator @emsumners left her followers in despair.

Watch the video here:

Tragic, right?

We aren't the only ones totally turned off by this conversation starter, and people who saw the TikTok were eager to share their thoughts.

Reacting to the Tinder match's overwhelmingly disappointing pick-up line, disgusted TikTok viewers took to the comments.


Another commented: "The only thing men have is the audacity."

"Romance is alive and well" joked a third.

In the Tinder interaction, Em's match writes to her: "Hey baby put down that cupcake and sprint to my house."

TikTok users were horrified by this Tinder back and forth. (

Confused by the bizarre opener, she replies: "Cupcake? haha".

"You look like you hide cupcakes in your bedside table," writes Mikey, further digging himself a hole.

Obviously frustrated, she asks: "The f**k is that supposed to mean lmao."

Mikey then proceeds to kill any chances of ever pursuing her by replying with: "It means you're slightly obese."

It's a hard "no" from us. (

Dismissing this Tinder fiend's awful messages, one TikTok viewer commented: "I can't believe there are people like this... Girl you're beautiful truly."

"Yeah I'd rather the cupcake tbh," wrote another irritated user.

A third viewer commented this, and we're inclined to agree: "Everyone is missing the bigger picture here... get you a gal with a cupcake drawer."

We couldn't have said it better.

Earlier, we told you about another Tinder convo gone wrong, when one woman who received a voice note from her match. Meaning to reply to her match, she accidentally sent him an absolutely savage voice note.

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