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Woman Told She Had A 'Lucky Escape' After Avoiding 'Walking Red Flag' Tinder Match

Woman Told She Had A 'Lucky Escape' After Avoiding 'Walking Red Flag' Tinder Match

That was a close call, honestly.

TikTokers have been telling one woman that she made a "lucky escape" after she told followers about her "tragic" Tinder match.

After their date fell through, TikTok creator Carlie Hammond pointed out a number of major red flags in the conversation with her match, complaining that she has the "worst luck in dating."

Check out the video here:

Re-reading through the conversation she had with her rather slimy Tinder match, the TikToker asked why she "always [chooses] weirdos."

Viewers were understandably disgusted by this guy's failed attempts to get close to Carlie, and couldn't help but wonder where men actually get the audacity.

One wrote: "That's absolute ick behaviour. Why do guys just assume they can come round happens all the time 😳"

A second commented: "Ohhhh my god why are there so many guys like these 😭😭"

Others were quick to point out the red flags sprinkled throughout the cringe conversation.

TikTokers say this girl's Tinder match was a walking red flag. (

"Car / your place... He wants one thing..." suggested one viewer.

Another pointed out: "'xxx' and 'darling' = 🚩"

While a third warned: "if he is not taking you out for a real date/ like food or drinks.. red flag 😂"

Thankfully, Carlie and her Tinder match never went on their date, and viewers couldn't be happier for her, pointing out that she could have ended up in serious danger if it had gone ahead.

"Luckily you met him online, imagine if you had met him irl. Very dangerous!!. Stranger, Danger!!" commented one relieved viewer.

Another added: "Definitely lucky escape! It’s disappointing when you think they’re alright and then it takes a turn for the worse 😂"

Thankfully, the pair never went on their date. (

Asked if she ever heard from her charming match after their horrific conversation, Carlie told viewers: "He messaged me a randomly a few times on Tinder as I forgot to unmatch him but I blocked him on all socials x"

Thank goodness for that. Be safe out there, ladies!

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@xcarlie_nicolex

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