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Woman Spots ‘Proof’ Tinder Date Has A Girlfriend

Woman Spots ‘Proof’ Tinder Date Has A Girlfriend

It’s a yikes from us.

It’s every girl’s worst nightmare: you’ve swiped right for someone you like, and the date goes well: so well, in fact, you end up back at their place.

But imagine just moments after you’ve ended up at their house, you’ve spotted a few clues that they may not be exactly who they said they are.

Well, that exact happened to one woman, who alleges her Tinder date had a girlfriend, thanks to a few ‘clues’ she discovered.

You can watch the video below.

In footage posted to TikTok, the unnamed woman decided to use the loo at her Tinder match’s apartment, before having a snoop in the drawers under the sink.

There, she discovered what she considered to be clear evidence another woman lived there.

Pointing out some bright pink VO5 strawberry smelling shampoo, she then opened a second drawer, which contained a sparkly purple hairbrush, some skincare products and some dry shampoo.

The girl thought the VO5 shampoo suggested a girl lived there (
TikTok - lifeisahighway420)

However, it was assumed the pregnancy test that led the girl to believe that her date was ‘cheating.’

Asking her followers what to do in the comments, many people on TikTok responded with what they thought she should do in the situation.

“This happened to me,” said one person. “I left a note between the pads for the girl….it’s maybe painful but it’s better to know who are you with…”

A second person agreed: “Anytime I have ever went to a man's house for the first time I ALWAYS check out his bathroom for this exact reason.”

A third said: “My ex would do this, I remember I went away for the weekend I came back and my stuff was ‘put away’, that’s when I knew.”

The alleged pregnancy test also suggested a woman living there (
TikTok - lifeisahighway420)

While others urged the girl to leave a note, another commenter suggested a more subtle way to signal to this man’s ‘girlfriend’ about his alleged infidelities.

“I would have brushed my hair with her brush - most girls I know would notice the difference but guys don’t,” they said.

The original poster decided to update her TikTok with a follow-up.

She claimed: “`He had a long term gf of seven months. I found her through his friend, told her and now we’re friends. And his ass is single!”

Featured Image Credit: TikTok - lifeisahighway420

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