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Woman flooded with support after saying she doesn’t want to be in any of her wedding pictures

Woman flooded with support after saying she doesn’t want to be in any of her wedding pictures

The woman shared her predicament on Reddit, and people are shocked to hear what she's been through

A woman has been inundated with support after admitting that she doesn’t want to be in her own wedding pictures.

In a long post on Reddit, the woman explained that she has had comments from her fiancé and his family about her nose.

In the end, she decided to have cosmetic surgery on her nose before the wedding, but afterwards hated the results, claiming that she doesn't feel like herself.

She’s now decided that she doesn’t want to appear in her own wedding photos to hide her nose, but that's causing problems too.

A woman detailed the comments she was receiving about her nose from her fiance and his family.

She said: “My fiancé's family never held back on jabs about my nose. My fiancé said he knew they really loved me the moment they started with the jokes, they're the kind of family that loves to make fun of each other.

“My grandparents used to make comments about my nose that were kind of s**ty, especially because my dad is Jewish (although I've never known him) and I got the nose from him.

“In general I've tried to not be sensitive about it because they don't like sensitive people, although my history with it and knowing my nose came from my dad who I don't know made it a bit harder for me.”

She continued: “I started thinking about having a nose job.

“After we got engaged, I realized if I was going to do it, I should do it before the wedding. He was really supportive of the idea and excited for it.

“He made some comments about being glad I was losing ‘the beak,’ something he'd never expressed before I suggested it, which confirmed to me that I needed it.”

It doesn't sound like a great platform for a marriage.

The post continued: “My fiancé loves my new nose. I hate it so much. I feel like I'm staring at someone else's face, I look like any other woman in the world besides myself.

“My fiancé is really frustrated with me, he thinks I ‘objectively’ look better and I need to get used to it.

“I know I'll have to but I've been wearing a medical mask in the house because I can't stand to look at my face.

“He says this is me sulking like a toddler, but I can't control how I feel. He asked what I was going to do for our wedding and I told him that I don't want to be in any pictures. He freaked out saying my selfishness was going to get in the way of us having a happy wedding.

“I didn't want to let this hurt him, so I tried to come up with options like wearing my veil covering my face in the pictures, incorporating a scarf into the outfit, wearing my mask, etc., and he said if I do any of that we might as well not get married at all.

“That hurt a lot.

“I can't stand to see myself in pictures like this and having everybody see my nose the whole day would make this even worse for me...I'm already going to be blaming myself for the fact that I won't have MY nose in pictures.

“I feel like I'm ruining the day for him but what he wants will ruin it for me.”

The good news is that she's had a lot of support from strangers.

Luckily, people on the internet have supported her all the way.

One person said: “Honey, no. As a woman with Jewish heritage myself, there was nothing wrong with your nose.

“However, there is something wrong with the man who is supposed to be the love of your life insulting— and allowing his family to insult — the literal face you were born with.”

Another wrote: “If I were OP, having my nose called a beak would have caused a massive fight.

“I don’t care if your family is the family that shows affection by teasing (my family is that way too), but there’s a very fine line between giving someone shit and just straight up insulting them.

“What a s***ty thing to say.”

A third simply commented: “This was a heartbreaking post. Op deserved better. I hope she’s leaves him.”

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