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Women frustrated that men haven't figured out bedroom kink 'millions of females' are into

Women frustrated that men haven't figured out bedroom kink 'millions of females' are into

There's a new sex trend that's doing the rounds, but it's flying under-the-radar for guys

There's a surprisingly simple bedroom kink that's been trending on TikTok for a while now, yet millions of women complain that their bloke hasn't mastered it.

With the rise of social media, the conversation around sexual desires and preferences has opened up on a whole new level.

And one simple 'kink' has been going viral online, though many are claiming it's going over some guys' heads - with some even slamming the idea of it being a 'kink' in the first place.

What are we talking about? The 'praise kink'.

"People who have praise kinks get turned on by their partner complimenting them during sex," explains Dr Nicole McNichols, who works as a professor of human sexuality at the University of Washington.


"The praise kink exists on a continuum of course, because, I mean, who doesn't love being told that they're beautiful or hot or amazing in some way?"

Chasing men who play hard to get and don't text back is going out of fashion, she highlights. Instead, we're increasingly into nice guys that adore us.

After the trend took off on TikTok, women from around the world are sharing their fetish for positive affirmations online, including dating columnist Jana Hocking who told the Daily Mail that 'it's horrendously self-centred, slightly narcissistic and probably a bit shameless to admit to'.

Yet she confessed she's 'very much on board with it' and even said: "It has had a whopping 60 million views on TikTok so clearly I'm not the only one lapping it up."

Have you heard of it?
Justine Camacho/Unsplash

In the article, Hocking added: "The kink involves people who get off on hearing how wonderful they are (especially in the bedroom).

"So if you are like me and you go a bit wild when your fella calls you a 'good girl' while getting it on between the sheets... welcome, you are part of the 'praise kink' tribe."

Hocking reckons that women with a praise kink get off on phrases such as 'Baby, you feel amazing' and 'You're so good at that'.

Not everyone is a fan of the term 'praise kink' though, and it's actually come in for heavy criticism in some corners of the internet.

One Twitter user said: "I guess treating a woman nicely is considered to be feeding into a woman’s praise kink to some men. That is truly insane. Y’all don’t like women!"

Meanwhile, another hilariously shared her opinion on the new sex trend: "And this is why I say I don’t have a praise kink because all men do is say “good girl” and I ain’t no goddamn Rottweiler."

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