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Women absolutely rinse 'clueless' man for his 'useless' sex tip

Women absolutely rinse 'clueless' man for his 'useless' sex tip

Women were not impressed with his advice

A man has been slammed on TikTok after he gave what some have branded as 'clueless' sex advice.

TikToker Jason - who goes by @jwhimsworth on the platform - posted a video offering some advice on how to help women achieve an orgasm.

But Jason was inundated with comments from hundreds of women, begging him not to dish out the 'mansplaining' advice.

You can watch the clip - and Jason's response to the backlash - below:

In the original clip, Jason explains: "When she's almost there, talk her through it, trust me."

But many women wholeheartedly disagreed, and urged the TikToker not to dish out the 'useless' tip to others.

One person wrote: "Do not, I repeat, do NOT talk her through it!!! Unless she initiates the talking, you just focus on what you’re doing."

While another said: "If I was almost there and you start talking. we're done and I'm finishing myself off without you present."

And a third added: "Do not talk us through it...leave us alone with our thoughts just carry on doing what your doing."

Meanwhile a fourth commented: "We mansplaining o’s now."

And a fifth said: "NO!! That will totally kill the moment, stay quiet and keep doing what you’re doing. Not faster. Not slower."

A sixth added: "That's a good way to ruin EVERYTHING."

Some people were not impressed with Jason's advice.

Following the backlash, Jason later responded in the comments, explaining that everyone is different and claiming that while some women 'need reassurance' others 'want a countdown'.

He said: "May I just reply en masse, please. There are women that need reassurance. Women that want a countdown. Women that love noises, and instruction...

"2. There are women who need silence to concentrate. And that's OKAY. But assuming your way is the only way is a large part of what's negative here...

The TikToker responded to backlash.

"3. Laughing is okay, talking is okay, exploring is okay, odd noises are okay. If your partner is self conscious, ask THEM what is best. There is...

"4. NO wrong answer here. We are all unique. And that's OKAY 🥰. Be happy, do what's best for you. But don't disregard those who this does apply to...

"5. They matter too. The worst part is people saying this is wrong and not taking into account the fact other people's opinions may differ from you."

Many praised Jason for his words, agreeing communication is best.

"To anyone who kept quiet on this & you agree & you like reassurance to keep out of your head & need help to be more in your body. I do too! its okay," one woman wrote.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@jwhimsworth/Andor Bujdoso/Alamy Stock Photo

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