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Men confess what they really want their wives to do in the bedroom

Men confess what they really want their wives to do in the bedroom

They revealed their kinky secrets...

The weird and wonderful world of sex can always be a tad tricky to navigate.

Whether it's feeling awkward at expressing your true desires, embarrassed about slightly more raunchy kinks or scared of being so vulnerable - it's a fairly universal experience.

So, to make things a little easier, married men across the globe have taken to anonymous secret-sharing app Whisper to confess what they really want their wives to do in the bedroom.

The blokes opened up about all their fantasies, kinks, fetishes and everything in-between.

The confessions ranged from the men looking for ways to add a little 'spice' to their love life, to some totally questioning the status of their marriage altogether based on their hidden desires.

A lot of the men seemed to be interested in inviting other parties into their sex life with one man sharing: "I want to try having sex while another couple has sex in the same room. Too bad my wife is so not on board."

Revealing their interested in voyeurism, a second revealed: "I want to watch my wife with another woman."

"I really want my wife to try swinging with me," added a third. "I think it would liven up our sex life, and life in general."

Married men confessed their hidden sexual desires on anonymous secret-sharing app, Whisper.
Per Magnus Persson / Getty Images

A handful admitted they were craving something a little more hardcore with one husband saying: "I really wish my wife would try bondage with me. She's always scared to spice it up."

"I wish my gf was more dominant in bed," echoed a second while a third similarly expressed his interest for his partner being more active in the sack: "I secretly wish my gf was better/louder in bed. I also wish she made more moves on me instead of me starting every time."

A fourth declared: "I wish my wife liked to be rougher in bed. I may have gotten married to early."

"I wish my girl would watch porn with me. I just want to spice it up," explained a fifth.

Others took the opportunity to open up about their sexual dissatisfaction with one married man hitting out: "I wish my wife knew how to actually please me in bed. You'd think that after so long she would know, even after talking about it."

Many men expressed their fetishes to 'spice' things up in the bedroom.
Vincent Besnault / Getty Images

"I wish my wife didn't lie about faking it in bed," highlighted a second. "Like, I've already caught you - please fess up!"

"Wish my gf actually wanted to have sex more then once a month," another complained.

A couple of men opened up about their desires to have sex with a man, with one wondering: "I don't know how to tell my wife I want to try having sex with a guy."

One bloke who'd already had a similar conversation with his partner added: "I told my wife I want a threesome with another man."

A final spouse revealed his secret fetish: "I wish my wife would cheat on me and tell me about it."

Did any of the confessions surprise you?

Featured Image Credit: Vincent Besnault/Per Magnus Persson/Getty Images

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